Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 651: Yun Xiao, I Missed You (1)

The man slowly stepped down from the sky. His tall figure shrouded the ground, and his formidable presence caused their hearts to tremble, it was as though there was a feeling of intense pressure. 

Lin Yating hurriedly lowered her head and did not dare to look at the man anymore. She felt like his fierce aura would snap her neck in half at any moment otherwise. Other people felt the same way and lowered their head, not having the strength to lift their heads. 

"Ghost Emperor, you[1] have arrived." Hu Po suppressed the excitement in his heart and quickly walked to the front of Yun Xiao. "As per my master's orders, I am here to wait for you."

Yun Xiao's gaze was as cold as always. His dark eyes would never have any excess emotions. Underneath his mask, the corner of his mouth turned up in a hard curve, and he stepped inside the city. 

"Ghost Emperor," a melodious voice was suddenly heard from the crowd.

Lin Yating already lifted her head, and her eyes were directly looking at the man entering the city, a sharp light flashing through her infatuated eyes. "I'm a disciple of the Physician Association, Guo Fulan. I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time and specially waited here."

Under Luo Fu's school, the disciple Guo Fulan existed indeed, and Lin Yating had disguised herself into her appearance.

Hearing Lin Yating's words, Hu Po's expression abruptly changed, and he hurriedly rebuked, "Guo Fulan, what are you doing? If you disturb Master Ghost Emperor, can you accept the consequences?"

Lin Yating tightly clenched her fists. She knew this was her last hope and definitely could not give it up!

"Master Ghost Emperor, I have heard Senior Sister Lin Yating mention your name. My senior sister, Lin Yating, is not only an unrivaled beauty but is also graceful and kind. However, she has fallen into another person's trap! Please give her justice, Master Ghost Emperor!"

As though he did not hear the begging of the woman behind him, Yun Xiao continued walking inside the city, his black robes emphasizing his coldness.

Lin Yating thought her words to the man was not attractive enough, so she bit her lips and continued saying, "Master Ghost Emperor, Senior Sister Yating only offended that woman because of you! That woman admired you, so the kind Senior Sister Yating could not bear to see her jumping into eternal damnation and advised her with good intentions. Who knew that it would attract her crazy vengeance! This time it was a true undeserved catastrophe for Yating. You must help her, Master Ghost Emperor."

Inside the crowd, Milk Tea's gaze was brimming with contempt as he mockingly stared at Lin Yating.

Unrivaled beauty? Graceful and kind?

Was Lin Yating complimenting herself? This was his first time hearing someone narcissistically blowing her own horn like this...

Of course, this was because Milk Tea knew that Lin Yating was the one beneath that fake appearance. If it were other people impervious to the truth, they would not feel any disgust over Lin Yating's words. After all, the current Lin Yating was donning another person's face.

Yun Xiao's figure gradually disappeared on the street. From start to end, he did not glance at Lin Yating and clearly treated her like thin air, ignoring her.

"Guo Fulan, what are you doing?" Hu Po was somewhat angry and harshly glared at her, "Lin Yating previously told me you were sensible and absolutely wouldn't do anything that would embarrass Medical City, so why would you say something like that in front of the Ghost Emperor?"

Lin Yating snorted. "I am only taking Senior Sister Yating's anger out for her. How could a b*tch like Yun Luofeng compare with Senior Sister Yating? This is the only chance to save Senior Sister, and I definitely won't give it up."

Hu Po started and dumbfoundedly looked at Lin Yating, "Guo Fulan, since when did your relationship with Lin Yating improve this much? First, she came to me to beg me to help you, and now you are disregarding your life for her."

[1] uses a formal you


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