Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 650: Yun Xiao is Here (2)

Lin Yating probably never expected that Yun Luofeng allowed her to move freely in the Physician Association because she already sent an unremarkable little hamster to secretly observe her. However, since Milk Tea was in a hurry to report to Yun Luofeng, it did not hear the conversation between Lin Yating and Hu Po.

Yun Luofeng's fingers lightly tapped on the desk, and a wicked glint flitted through her eyes. "Continue to follow Lin Yating. If she shows signs of running away, knock her unconscious and bring her back! Before Second Uncle comes, not a single person from Medical City can go missing!"

"Yes, Master," Milk Tea obediently agreed and squeezed through the tiny crack of the door.

"It's already been two days, so Yun Xiao should come around tomorrow." A smile appeared on her lips.

Since Yun Luofeng cured all the patients within 15 minutes a few days ago, she rightly and properly came in first place! Because they still needed to distribute the other rankings, the other genius physicians had another competition. Today was the last day of the trials and tomorrow was the true competition!

"Master," Lin Ruobai, who was silently standing in front of Yun Luofeng, pouted, "we have already been here at this Physician Association for several days. Why don't you accompany me and go out for a stroll?"

"No interest," Yun Luofeng raised her brows, "Yun Xiao will come tomorrow, I need to rest sufficiently."

"Master, why do you need to preserve your energy for his arrival?"

"To tease him."

"..." The corner of Lin Ruobai's mouth twitched. In front of her domineering master, her master's lover would always be the one being dominated! She could already imagine how intense these two people would be tomorrow. It will be like dry wood meeting with a fierce fire.

Thinking of this, Lin Ruobai did not continue bothering Yun Luofeng and silently retreated.


The next day, daybreak.

Numerous people wearing the long robes of the Physician Association had crowded the city gate since early in the morning. This caused all the inhabitants of the city to look at each other with confusion, not knowing who was coming to cause a commotion of this degree.

While everyone discussed among themselves, a black figure suddenly headed toward them at a quick speed from not far away. Within the blink of an eye, the figure appeared above the city gate.

In that instant, eight words appeared in everyone's mind: Unrivaled in the world, ruler of the world!

The man silently stood in the air. His cold, dark eyes, which looked down on everything, swept across the people below him and unexpectedly made them feel an urge to kneel and submit to him. A mask covered his face, so the expression beneath could not be seen, but an icy arch lingered on his thin lips. It was as though no one entered the eyes of this man.

Milk Tea, who was hidden in the crowd, subconsciously glanced at the disguised Lin Yating, and a fury flashed through his big, glittering eyes. Did it turn out that this woman sneakily escaped the Physician Association for my master's man? The infatuation that passed through her eyes in a flash particularly intensified the fury in Milk Tea's heart.

The current Lin Yating was dreamily watching the man in the air. Although she had not seen the man's appearance beneath the mask, it did not stop her infatuation with him!

This man conquered her with his aura alone! It also made her understand what she wanted in her life. Thankfully, Lin Yating had no way of seeing Yun Xiao's appearance. She would definitely fall deeper and be unable to extract herself otherwise!

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