Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 648: Yun Qingya (6)

The other members of the corps all pulled out their weapon and joined the fight! The entire mountain road resonated with the sound of slaughter and blood covered the ground.

The middle-aged man narrowed his eyes, shifting his sight onto Ye Ling. Then, his body turned into a sharp sword and headed for Ye Ling. He could tell that Ye Ling was the strongest of this group, so he would kill him first!

"Ye Ling, careful!"

Seeing that the man was about to charge to in front of Ye Ling, with a speed that came from somewhere unknown, Qingyan shot toward him at lightning speed.

"Yan'er!" Ye Ling anxiously shouted and beheaded the enemy in front of him with the long sword in his hands. He hurriedly extended his hand to grasp ahold of Qingyan, but unfortunately, his fingers only reached her sleeve and pulled her sleeve down.

Shortly after, he could only watch as Qingyan stretched her arms out to block the man with a face full of determination!

"Since you want to die for him, I'll help you!" the man snorted and raised his long saber[1], slicing it toward Qingyan's neck.

Ye Ling completely flew into a violent rage, and a frightening pressure emanated from his body and dealt with the row of people in front of him in an instant. Closely after, he flew toward Qingyan, wanting to stop the man's attack...


Suddenly, a kunai flew from behind him and streaked through the air, leaving behind a long track in the air. As if he did not see that kunai, Ye Ling did not even dodge, and his hand stretched towards Qingyan, who was blocking the man.

Then, that kunai did not hit Ye Ling. It was as though it had eyes of its own and swerved around him, piercing the middle-aged man's neck with a gurgle. The man froze, and the long saber slipped from his hand. He still did not know what had happened, and his body was already falling back.

He died without closing his eyes!


By the time that the long saber hit the floor, Ye Ling already pulled Qingyan into his arms. His voice was shuddering, but more of it was obvious fear.

"Why did you have to be this foolish?"

Qingyan smiled, "Because you are my husband. I didn't want to watch you die! So I would rather die first!"

"Qingyan, how could you be this selfish?" Ye Ling tightly squeezed Qingyan's shoulders and could not resist bellowing, "If anything happened to you for the sake of saving me, what should I do? I won't permit you to do this next time!"

Qingyan lowered her eyes, a smile appearing on her pretty face. Next time, perhaps she would be just as selfish. Only because she could not allow Ye Ling to fall in front of her! So she would rather she be the person who fell first!

"Right, Qingyan, let's thank our sav..." Ye Ling turned around, and the last word was not spoken before it got stuck in his throat. His eyes widened little by little, and his excitement was displayed on his face.


In the air, a man stood with his hands behind his back, his long, cyan robe fluttering with the wind. His features were handsome, akin to a haughty, singly blooming green lotus, and his youthfulness was exceptional.

"Second Master!" Qingyan was so emotional that tears were almost shed, "Second Master, you've finally returned! We already waited for you for more than a year. Moreover, Miss headed for the Physician Association..."

Her words were just uttered, and the youthful figure quickly disappeared into the sky. The direction that he was heading toward was evidently the Physician Association!

[1] long saber (长刀, changdao) is a two-handed, single-edged Chinese sword

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