Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 647: Yun Qingya (5)

"No need," Qingyan braced herself to stand up. "Ye Ling, if I was weak to the point of needing you to carry me, what right do I have to embark on the battlefield for Miss? It's late now, let's continue."

After saying this, she firmly held the sword in her hand and planned to continue walking. However, at that moment, a sneering voice was suddenly heard and sent everyone into alert mode.

"People from the Yun Family? I didn't expect to be so lucky that we would see people from the Yun Family on our journey! Since it's like this, I will kill you first then head to Yun Estate to bother the Yun Family old man."

As soon as the speaker finished talking, a countless number of figures appeared in the air and dropped down, surrounding them. Their leader was a middle-aged man. He was dressed resplendently, but his eyes were like an icy and gloomy poisonous snake, unsettling people.

"Ye Ling, the Third Prince of the Liujin Kingdom, a subordinate of Yun Luofeng, and the vice-commander of Steep Corps! Qingyan, a maidservant who has accompanied Yun Luofeng since she was young, the commander of Raging Flame Corps. Looks like I encountered the right people this time." It was as though the middle-aged man was talking to himself, and there was a sneer on his lips.

"Who are you?" After sensing his formidable aura, Ye Ling subconsciously shielded Qingyan behind him and sternly looked at the other party.

"I am the subordinate of Elder Luo Fu from the Physician Association," the man narrowed his eyes, "I am under orders to go to the Yun Estate to capture the Yun Family old man!"

Initially, after Lin Yating was rejected by Yun Luofeng, she sent people to the Yun Estate as a last layer of protection! If Yun Luofeng did not agree to serve her, then she would use the lives of her family to threaten her!

She had done this type of thing often!

Unfortunately, at this time, the middle-aged man still did not know the unforeseen event that had occurred at the Physician Association and also did not know Luo Fu had stepped down and that Lin Yating was powerless to protect herself! Otherwise, he would not dare to seek trouble from the Yun Family no matter what.

"Qingyan, you need to be careful," Ye Ling's features darkened, "This man is an intermediate-rank earth-level spirit cultivator! The other people are all high-level spirit cultivators."

Currently, within the corps of the Yun Family, only he broke through to low-rank earth-level cultivator not long ago. The strongest among the others was only a high-level cultivator.

However, he could not contend against these people on his own!

Thankfully, the Yun Estate had Elder Ning and the Master of the Medical Pavilion present, so a mere earth-level cultivator was not enough to deal with the Yun Family! After all, Lin Yating's news about the Yun Family was from the time that Yun Luofeng was at the Yun Estate and had no idea that the current Yun Estate had two strong people keeping watch!

Even if she knew, she could not do anything about it, because the strongest power that she could mobilize at the Physician Association was an earth-level spirit cultivator! This was why after Elder Rong initially heard her threats at the venue, he was not worried at all and even kept consoling Yun Luofeng. He understood that the experts sent out by Lin Yating could not deal with the Yun Family!

These people were truly helpless against the Yun Family, but they were a quite large threat to the Steel Corps who left the Yun Estate...

"Charge! Kill them all!" Darkness flashed through the middle-aged man's features as he coldly ordered, "I want to make them understand the fate of being enemies with Yating!"

In an instant, the people behind him all drew their weapons and speedily attacked the corps from all sides.

"Ye Ling, let's battle together," Qingyan drew out her weapon in a flash and situated herself back to back with Ye Ling, her clear eyes containing a determined glint, "Even if I die, I still won't yield to the Physician Association!"


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