Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 646: Yun Qingya (4)

The president of the Physician Association was not a match for the Ghost Emperor?

Lin Ge's eyes twinkled. "Dad, will the Ghost Emperor really become my brother-in-law?"

"Hao'er, did you forget?" Lin Ge affectionately smiled, "For the last 20 years, have any of the men who your younger sister took a liking to been able to escape from her palm? In the end, the Ghost Emperor is a man. As a man, how can he resist the temptation of beauty?"

Lin Hao nodded in agreement. "That's true. After all, I am a man. As long as it's a good-looking woman, I want to take them. The Ghost Emperor and I must have the same way of thinking! He would only disregard beauties if he was impotent! Also, Dad, I have a request, I want Yun Luofeng's body! Wait until I obtain her body, then kill her!"

As though recalling her celestially beautiful face, he lecherously licked the corner of his mouth and his squinted eyes emitted a licentious light.

"Hao'er, women like Yun Luofeng would only dirty you, but as long as Hao'er likes it, I can leave her behind to be your concubine."

Lin Ge wore his doting for Lin Hao on his face. Whenever he faced Lin Hao, his face always had a gentle smile. It had to be said that his spoiling had a connection with how Lin Hao became this prodigal.

"Dad," Lin Hao darkly smiled, "a woman like that only deserves to serve me for a night! Even when she cries and begs for me to lay with her later, I won't give her a second night! A woman who isn't a virgin, I find her dirty!"

He already firmly believed that Yun Luofeng must have used her looks to seduce all the elders, and this was why they came to vent her anger out for her! Since it was like this, she must have had some actual relationship with them. A dirty woman like that, what right did she have to be his concubine?

At best, he would think of it as going to a brothel to pay a visit to a prostitute. And just like with prostitutes, he would not visit them a second time!


At this time, on the rugged mountain road, Qingyan halted her steps. She leaned against the tree behind her with some fatigue and closed her eyes.

"Yan'er, are you tired?" Ye Ling turned to look at Qingyan. A small, gentle smile appeared on his grave face.

Qingyan opened her eyes and shook her head, "It's nothing. Let's continue!"

Not long ago, they received news that the City Master's Estate in Medical City was incinerated! People said that the one who set the City Master's Estate on fire was their miss! If Miss came back, then she would definitely head to the Physician Association to participate in the competition. This was why Ye Ling and she hurriedly brought people to head over to lend her a hand.

"Alright," Ye Ling dotingly patted Qingyan's head with a warm smile on his lips, "if you're tired, we can rest! After all, to hasten our journey, you haven't stopped to rest these past few days!"

"Didn't you all not rest as well?" Qingyan rolled her eyes.

"We are men, you are only a woman."

"I'm the leader of Raging Flame Corps, not a delicate woman," Qingyan's eyes exuded a determined light, "I won't rest until I see Miss!"

The people of Medical City were also at the Physician Association, which was why she was rushing their trip this anxiously. She was afraid that Yun Luofeng would encounter danger.

Ye Ling sighed before saying, "If you're tired, I don't mind carrying you on my back to walk."


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