Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 645: Yun Qingya (3)

"Dad, tell me, is it those mutts from the Yun Family?" Veins popped out on Lin Hao's forehead, and his tightly clenched fists made cracking noises.

Lin Ge helplessly sighed, "Hao'er, it's Yun Luofeng from the Yun Family, she came..."

"Yun Luofeng? That b*stard, Yun Qingya's, niece?" Lin Hao flew into a rage and furiously exclaimed, "Dad, how did those mutts from the Yun Family come to a place like the Physician Association? What right do cheap playthings like them have to step into a noble territory like this! Kill Yun Luofeng for me immediately!"

Looking at Lin Hao's twisted appearance, Lin Ge's lips turned up in a bitter curve. "I'm afraid we can't kill Yun Luofeng right now..."

"Why? Why can't we kill that mutt? I don't care! I want you to kill her—the people from the Yun Family as well! I want everyone from the Yun Family gone!"

Yun Qingya, that b*stard, defeated him in front of everyone back then. How could he tolerate a humiliation like that? If Yun Qingya did not die already, he definitely would make the experts of Medical City go and exterminate all the members of the Yun Family!

Unfortunately, in order to not upset Lin Hao, Lin Ge already ordered the people of Medical City to not let any news about Yun Qingya travel to his ears! Hence, Lin Hao still did not know Yun Qingya was still alive even now.

"Hao'er, calm down," the light in Lin Ge's eyes flickered a few times, "Yun Luofeng is the young genius invited here by the Physician Competition. The Physician Competition has a rule that no one is allowed to start fighting during the competition regardless of any of your grievances. Wait a few days, and Dad will kill her for you to vent your anger out, alright?"

Lin Ge did not dare to tell Lin Hao about the relationship between Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya. Otherwise, it would be uncertain how upset Lin Hao would become! Anyway, Ghost Emperor would be his daughter's husband soon. With a son-in-law like Ghost Emperor, what scruples would they have about Yun Luofeng anymore?

"Humph!" Lin Hao snorted with contempt, but his complexion turned better. "Young Genius? How is she a young genius? Are the people of the Physician Association blind? They actually invited a b*tch like that to participate in the competition!"

"Yes yes yes," Lin Ge hurriedly agreed with Lin Hao with a face full of indulgence, "The Physician Association is truly blind to have invited her to participate in the competition! How could that woman Yun Luofeng compare with you, Hao'er? You are the true genius."

"Right, Dad, why did those elders of the association hit us? What relation do they have with Yun Luofeng?" Lin Hao touched his stinging cheeks and sucked in a sharp breath.

Lin Ge started and unconsciously furrowed his brows. He was thinking about what perfunctory excuse he could tell Lin Hao.

"Dad, tell me, did Yun Luofeng use her looks to seduce those elders to make them come and beat us? If the people of the Physician Association were beguiled by her, we might have some troubles later."

Before this, Lin Hao had pasted the portraits of all the members of the Yun Family in his room so that he could humiliate them! Hence, he naturally knew about Yun Luofeng's appearance. Moreover, he was once stunned by that woman. Several times, while in bed with his concubines, he pictured her beautiful appearance in his mind...

"Hao'er, don't worry. The Ghost Emperor will quickly become your sister's husband. Who cares about those elders at that time?"

"The Ghost Emperor?" Lin Hao was briefly startled, "Between the Ghost Emperor and the Physician Association, who is stronger?"

"This..." Lin Ge was silent for a moment again. "The Ghost Emperor's strength is a profound mystery, so I don't know what level he has reached. However, Yating said that the president of the Physician Association is not a match for him."


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