Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 644: Yun Qingya (2)

"Alright," a harsh light flashed through Lin Ge's eyes, "I will let Yun Luofeng, that b*tch, run rampant for a few more days. After the Ghost Emperor becomes my daughter's husband, I will make her understand the consequence of offending me!"

As soon as he thought of how the renowned Ghost Emperor would become his daughter's husband, his heart would become uncontrollably excited. He could already picture the Ghost Emperor and Lin Yating getting married...

"Lin Ge, get out here!"


The door was harshly kicked open all of a sudden. Soon after, several elders rushed in from outside and surrounded the room in an instant.

Lin Ge jumped in shock and shakily asked, "What.. what are you doing?"

"Doing what?" The leading elder evilly smiled. We are naturally doing[1]... you and your son!"

After he finished speaking, that elder waved his hand, and a man wearing a long, brocade robe was instantly tossed out from the crowd and landed on the ground with a bang.

"Son!" Seeing the man covered in bruises, Lin Ge turned pale with fright and rushed up, lending an arm to support the man's body. "Son, how are you?"

"Dad!" Lin Hao grimaced in pain, "What happened? Why are the elders of the Physician Association attacking our Medical City?"

"Hao'er, it's nothing. With Dad here, nothing will happen." Lin Ge hurriedly protected his son and angrily glared at the people in front of him, "When did I, Lin Ge, offend you as to cause all of you to beat up my son like this?"

"Humph!" the leading elder snorted, "If it weren't for you, we would not offend Miss Yun and cause her to not coach us in medicine! Wasn't it enough for you to seek death yourself back then? Why did you have to drag our entire Physician Association down as well! Since we have nowhere else to vent our anger, we can only come find you!"

Then, he gritted his teeth and added, "Let go and do them!"

All the elders had long since been unable to resist the urge to wreak havoc, so powerful hits of spiritual energy slammed into Lin Ge one by one! However, because Lin Ge shielded Lin Hao in his embrace from start to end, Lin Hao did not suffer any harm.

Lin Yating glanced at this pair of father and son. Afraid that she would attract underserved misfortune, she silently retreated.

It was unknown how much time passed before one of the elders stopped and helplessly said, "Forget it, we will temporarily spare them this time. In truth, we were also at fault for the matter back then! if we didn't help Medical City before distinguishing what was right and wrong, we would not end up like this!"

"That's correct! We were in the wrong too! I really envy that old guy, Lan Hong. Since he was more sensible back then, he can go listen from the side!"

"If we had known it would come to this, we would not have acted thus."

All the elders were very regretful, but after thinking it through, they did not stay to make things difficult for the people of Medical City and walked out. Perhaps, they needed to find a good place to thoroughly reflect on their behavior over the years.

"Hao'er, they finally left." After seeing that everyone had departed, Lin Ge released a sigh of relief. "Were you hurt?"

"Dad, the Miss Yun who they spoke of, is she someone from the Yun Family?" Lin Hao tightly clenched his fists.

Because Lin Ge was afraid that mentioning the Yun Family would upset Lin Hao, he had never mentioned people of the Yun Family in front of Lin Hao these past years. Even after coming to the Physician Association, he did not tell him that Yun Luofeng came to participate in the competition!

Now, after hearing Lin Hao's question, he grew silent.

[1] 干 (gan) is also slang for "to kill" and "to f*ck."


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