Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 643: Yun Qingya (1)

"I also hoped for that," Lin Yating's eyes darkened as she said, "Unfortunately, she really did it! Moreover, Medical City—it was lost due to my bet!"

Lin Ge jolted and abashedly said, "Yating... you are kidding with me, right? 15 minutes... Even Tian Ya couldn't do it! Does she have the power of heaven?"

Lin Yating slightly lowered her eyes, hiding the malicious glint in her eyes. "Of course Tian Ya can't do it. Tian Ya is her disciple."

Lin Ge's pupils gradually widened. His gaze had already changed from its initial shock to fear.

Inside his brain, only several words resonated - Tian Ya was Yun Luofeng's disciple!

Godly Doctor Tian Ya, who had worldwide acclaim, was Yun Luofeng's disciple? This was more shocking than Tian Ya accepting Yun Luofeng as his disciple!

Lin Ge climbed up from the ground and tightly clenched his fists. All of sudden, as though he thought of something, he looked up and fixedly stared at Lin Yating. Currently, the complexion of the woman in front of him was evidently pale, but she did not lose her former grace and indifference or her confident appearance.

"Yating, you must have a solution, right?" A ray of hope appeared in Lin Ge's eyes. "Ever since you were young, your personality has been calmer than most people's, and your mind was also more clear-headed. I know you must have a way to save me!"

Lin Yating sighed. There were many times where she wanted to give up on Medical City over the years, but in the end, she still could not do it.

Medical City... was the place that nurtured her! Lin Ge was her foster father!

If she paid no heed to Medical City, wouldn't she be an ingrate? She could not bear that bad reputation!

"In order to save me, my master already cleared my name. Logically, I only need to know my place, and I can live the rest of my life safely, but I truly can't disregard Medical City!"

Her words meant 'I could have abandoned you, but I will rescue you with all I have! A giant favor like this, your Medical City probably can't pay me back for the rest of your life.'

"Yating," Lin Ge's eyes brightened, "I understand! I understand everything that you do for Medical City! I only want to know, how will you save Medical City?"

Lin Yating was silent for a moment. "There are two more days before the Ghost Emperor arrives."

"The Ghost Emperor? Yating, what do you want to do?" Lin Ge asked as he looked at Lin Yating with some astonishment.

"The Ghost Emperor's strength is very strong. I heard that even the chairman isn't his opponent from Master," Lin Yating slightly narrowed her eyes, an icy glint flashing through her eyes, "I also assumed the position of a judge this time because Master wanted to let me near the Ghost Emperor! After all, if I managed this competition, I would have a chance to come into contact with the Ghost Emperor!"

Realizing what Lin Yating wanted to do, there was some shock in Lin Ge's gaze, "Yating, you mean..."

"I originally wanted to let it play out on its own. It wouldn't be a problem even if the Ghost Emperor didn't take a liking to me," Lin Yating interrupted his words and looked out the window, a determine light shining from her eyes. "However, this time, I can do nothing but put my all into it! If I become his wife, whether it's Medical City or my master, they can be saved!"

"Yating," Lin Ge's complexion finally improved, but there were still a few traces of worry in his heart, "your master has already fallen. I'm afraid the Association will change the host of this competition to someone else. How will you get close to the Ghost Emperor then?"

Lin Yating calmly smiled. "I naturally have my way! You only need to remember one thing, no matter what Yun Luofeng does to you these next few days, you must endure it. I will avenge you in a few days!"

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