Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 642: Let's Go and Settle the Score with Medical City!

Everyone lowered their heads, upset, and inwardly cursed the people of Medical City several hundred times! If it were not for them, why would Yun Luofeng reject them?

"Little Yun," Elder Rong glanced at Lan Hong as he said, "Lan Hong is the only one who raised an opposition towards the conduct of the Physician Association back then. Can he come and listen?"

Yun Luofeng slightly nodded, "Sure."

She had always distinctly separated her gratitude and grudges! Although Lan Hong was not able to resist the majority's decision by himself, his heart was at least impartial and just. Based on this point alone, she would not reject his participation.

All the elders looked at Lan Hong with envy, as though they wanted to replace him. If they had known it would come to this, they would not have sided with Medical City. Otherwise, they would not encounter their current fate!

Li Chuan originally wanted to ask for Yun Luofeng's permission to listen from the side, but after seeing the dismal appearance of the other elders after being rejected, he unconsciously swallowed back his words. He was the one who stood out to shelter the people of Medical City back then! What right did he have to request Yun Luofeng to coach his medical skills?

"This Medical City... has wretchedly harmed us all!" Li Chuan lightly sighed and regretfully said.

In everyone's eyes, since Yun Luofeng could make Tian Ya apprentice under her, it proved that her medical skills were already so strong that it incurred the wrath of the gods and people! If they could obtain her guidance, they would take fewer wrong approaches when treating illnesses. However, because of Medical City, they missed a great opportunity!

"Let's go and settle the score with Medical City!"

All the elders promptly acted and hurriedly walked towards the guest rooms. At this moment, they had already shifted all of their anger from the rejection onto the people of Medical City. Li Chuan also wanted to join but could only suppress the impulse in his heart after recalling his identity.

Inside the extravagant guest room, Lin Ge could not resist pacing back and forth. His eyes now and then darted towards the door with impatience. If Lin Yating did not fear that he would cause trouble again, she would not have prohibited him from going to watch the trials! Hence, he could only quietly wait for news inside the room.

Suddenly, the sound of hurried footsteps was heard from outside the door, and the room's door was pushed open. When he saw the woman who entered, joy appeared on his face, and he asked, "Yating, have you succeeded? Did that woman Yun Luofeng fail? Hahaha!"

As soon as he thought about how the young girl would lose all her face in public, his heart would have an indescribable satisfaction. However, Lin Yating's expression was quite unsightly and clearly did not have any joy from having her scheme succeed.

After seeing her expression, Lin Ge's heart skipped a beat. "Yating, what happened?"

"Dad," Lin Yating lightly bit her lips with a complicated emotion in her eyes, "I failed! Yun Luofeng could tell that person was faking an illness with only one look and even exposed him on the spot!"

"What?" Lin Ge stumbled and heavily fell on the ground. His face was pale as he muttered, "That's impossible! Your plan was flawless! How could it fail?"

Lin Yating's eyes turned perplexed. "Not only that, but I also made a bet with Yun Luofeng. If she could cure all the patients within 15 minutes, then it would be her win. The opposite and it would be her loss."

"Within 15 minutes? Regardless of how talented Yun Luofeng is, she couldn't do it! Fifteen minutes - I reckon it's only enough for her to take their pulse!"

If they said that Yun Luofeng could treat all the patients by herself, perhaps Lin Ge would believe it. If it was within 15 minutes, he would not believe she could do it no matter what!


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