Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 639: He Was Tian Ya’s Disciple?

"Tian Ya."

Just as the crowd was wondering, a helpless voice came out from the sky, and a navy-robed old man came into the people's sight. The old man looked over fifty years old but wrinkles were hardly seen on his ruddy face. It would be hard to tell his real age if it were not for his gray hair.


Seeing the old man who suddenly appeared, all the people in the square fell to their knees. Only Tian Ya and Yun Luofeng were still standing motionlessly.

Seeing this, Lin Yating gnashed her teeth. She felt suffocated as if a hand was squeezing her heart.

Why do I have to get on my knees, while Yun Luofeng can still stand? One day, I will have all of these people grovel at my feet and beg for my mercy!

"Hum, finally you've come out!" Tian Ya snorted and ridiculed, "So this is how you have ruled the Physician Association over the years? You unjustifiably shielded Medical City and indulged these people to bully the genius who came to participate in the Physician Competition! It's really a miracle that the Physician Association still exists being led by you..."

Tian Ya's words were very harsh, full of condemnation and satire. Li Chuan moved his lips but couldn't utter a single word to defend himself, because what Tian Ya said was true!

Luo Fu's eyes lit up. He stood up from the ground and snapped at Tian Ya word by word. "Master Tian Ya, we respect your medical skill and obey you because our president respects you, but that doesn't mean you can insult our president."

No matter how strong your medical skill is and how powerful you are, you are not allowed to treat our chairman so rudely! Even though the president respects you, you have to be polite to him!

How could Luo Fu, who finally had a chance, give up easily? If the Physician Association and Tian Ya fell out, he would have the chance to kill them all!

"Luo Fu, shut up!" Li Chuan's face changed, and he suddenly released a powerful aura that struck Luo Fu hard.


Luo Fu's body flew away for a few meters. He spat out a mouthful of blood, looked at Li Chuan with shock and asked with a trembling voice, "President, why..."

"Luo Fu, do you know who you are talking to? How dare you speak to him like that?" Li Chuan flicked his sleeves, his face sullen, "Tian Ya can even beat me if he wants, not to mention just scold me!"

With his eyes wide open, Luo Fu was shocked.

What did the president's words mean? Tian Ya could even beat him if he wanted, not to mention just scold him?

From the very beginning to the end, Yun Luofeng, with her arms folded before the chest, was lazily leaning against the tree trunk behind her. She looked at Tian Ya after she had heard Li Chuan's words, an insightful gleam in her dark eyes.

"I didn't want to tell you about how Tian Ya helped me before, because Tian Ya didn't want me to!" Li Chuan sneered. "But now, I have to speak out because of your rudeness to Tian Ya! In those days, if it weren't for Tian Ya, there would be no Physician Association, let alone my status today!"

Feeling his heart grabbed by fear, Luo Fu moved his lips and wanted to defend himself, but, he couldn't say a word under Li Chuan's cold glare.

Li Chuan took a deep breath and said, "I met Tian Ya when I was young. At that time, I knew nothing about medicine and was very seriously ill. In order to heal me, Tian Ya taught me medical skills. All of my medical skills were learned from Tian Ya, and I would have called him Master if he hadn't refused me! So, now do you think he has the right to scold me?"


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