Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 638: Come the H*ll Out!

Completely at a loss, Tian Ya looked at Yun Luofeng in confusion. "What does that mean?"

"Generally speaking, you have overacted, and I prefer the brazen version of you."

When Tian Ya heard her words, his old face fell and his eyes were full of grievance. "Luofeng, there are so many people here. Save me some face."

"Face?" Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin and asked with a faint smile, "Do you still have any face?"

The corners of Tian Ya's mouth twitched hard. After all, what Yun Luofeng said was true that he didn't have any face in front of Luofeng!

"Ma... Master Tian Ya..."

Greatly shocked, an elder said with a trembling voice, "Are... are you serious? Yun Luofeng... is really your Master?"

Tian Ya frowned impatiently, turn to look at him and snorted, "Do you think I'm joking?"

"I... I dare not..."

Tian Ya had a special status in the Physician Association. Would he dare to question him? But, thinking of what they had just done, the elders all wished they could find a hole in the ground to hide. If they had taken Yun Luofeng as a disciple, how would Tian Ya have to call them? They didn't dare to think of the result.

"Who said he wanted to take my master as his disciple just now?" Arrogantly raising his chin, Tian Ya glared at the crowd in the square, and shouted coldly, "Come out at once!"

At that moment, everyone's eyes turned to Luo Fu, and the meaning in their eyes was obvious.


Luo Fu swallowed hard and backed up a few steps. Being stared at by Tian Ya, he felt his heart shivered.

"Ma... Master Tian Ya, I was just kidding."

Saying that, he glared at Lin Yating, who was standing beside him stupefied. She didn't tell him about Yun Luofeng's relationship with Tian Ya. Otherwise, he would never try to forcibly take her as a disciple!

However, he wronged Lin Yating, because she wasn't aware of their relationship either and didn't know that Tian Ya had recognized Yun Luofeng as Master! Looking at Luo Fu's blaming eyes, Lin Yating clenched her fist and lowered her head, and an icy light flickered across her beautiful eyes.

Yun Luofeng, I'll make you pay for what I suffered today!

"Kidding?" Tian Ya sneered and said sarcastically, "If I kill you and tell you it's just a joke at your grave, what will you think?"

Luo Fu's face changed, "Master Tian Ya, although our president respects you very much, I'm still a member of the Physician Association! Aren't you rude to speak to me like this?"

"Haha!" Tian Ya laughed, his laughter filled with rage, "You threaten me with the Physician Association? Fine! Li Chuan, you *sshole, come the h*ll out now!"

Li Chuan was the president of the Physician Association! Hearing Tian Ya's words, everyone stared speechlessly at each other, their eyes filled with shock.

Though they knew that their president quite respected Tian Ya, they didn't expect Tian Ya would treat the president so impolitely! Was there something they didn't know?

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