Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 637: Lest You Should Become Complacent

Looking at the old man, the elders all smiled obsequiously at him. No longer quarreling with each other, they hurried forward and said respectfully, "Master Tian Ya, you've come?"

Tian Ya?

Hearing how the elders addressed the old man, the people who had not seen Tian Ya before were surprised at first and then an ecstatic look appeared in their eyes. It seemed that it was the right move for them to come to this Physician Competition because they met the Godly Doctor Tian Ya here!


Surrounded by the elders, Tian Ya kept that immortal-like demeanor and looked like a totally different person from that little old man who kept bugging Yun Luofeng. If Yun Luofeng hadn't known Tian Ya well, perhaps she would have taken him as a respected old man.

"Tell me, what were you fighting about?" Tian Ya gently frowned and asked coolly.

"Well," for fear that Luo Fu might put the blame on others, Lan Hong quickly stood out to explain, "this girl and a disciple of Luo Fu are enemies, but Luo Fu wanted to coerce Miss Yun to be his disciple because of her great talent! And he claimed that if Miss Yun wanted to survive, she would have to acknowledge him as Master! However, other elders also want to take Miss Yun as their disciple, so we were talking about that."

"Oh?" With that immortal-like demeanor, Tian Ya asked, "You want Luofeng to be your disciple? Then how should I address you if she becomes your disciple?"

At this moment, Tian Ya's face turned sullen. He didn't expect that he was only a few days late, and so many things had happened! In particular, how dare these people force Yun Luofeng to become their disciple? In that case, shouldn't he call them Grand Master? This was simply unbearable for a person as proud as him!

"What do you mean, Master Tian Ya?" Not understanding his meaning, Lan Hong paused and asked carefully.

"Hum! What do I mean?" Tian Ya looked so angry that his face was all black, "I've made myself clear! If Luofeng becomes your disciple, then should I call you Grand Master when I meet you?"


Like being struck by a bolt from the blue, everyone shuddered and looked at Tian Ya with an astounded look.

What did he say?

If Yun Luofeng became their disciple, he would have to call them Grand Master?

Only a master's master would be called Grand Master.

So Tian Ya was telling them that Yun Luofeng was his master?

Luo Fu's face turned pale, his old body shaking in the breeze, and he hurriedly supported himself on the tree pole beside him so that he would not fall to the ground. "Did I hear him wrong? I must have heard him wrong. I think I should have my ear treated. How can Yun Luofeng be the Master of Tian Ya? I must have heard him wrong."

Yes, I must have heard Tian Ya wrong! This could not be possible!

Luo Fu comforted himself in his heart, but before he had forced himself to believe this, he saw Tian Ya walking to Yun Luofeng. With a cool smile on his old face, he looked like an immortal and no one dared to disrespect him.

"Girl, I'm sorry I'm late."

He smiled coolly, totally different from the brazen little old man in Yun Luofeng's memory.

"Tian Ya," Yun Luofeng touched her nose and smiled wickedly, "I'll give you ninety-nine points for your entrance, but I'll take off one point lest you become complacent."


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