Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 636: Tian Ya Showed up Coolly (7)

Not able to stand him anymore, Lan Hong stood out and said, frowning, "Luo Fu, how can you have the nerve to threaten a little girl? Besides, if Lin Yating had not threatened her with the life of her family, she would not have been so angry! I think we'd better just let it pass. What do you think?"

"Threaten?" Luo Fu sneered, "When did Yating threaten her? She just reminded her not to be too arrogant so that she would not offend someone who she shouldn't offend, and bring a disaster to her family! Yating is being kind to her, but she is not grateful!"

Lan Hong helplessly shook his head, "But you are threatening Miss Yun, aren't you? Why do you force her to acknowledge you as Master?"

"Lan Hong, you should mind your own business." Luo Fu frowned, "If she doesn't want to be my disciple, I can only kill her! After all, she has provoked the Physician Association. If she is a member of the Association she can be forgiven, but if she is not she has to die."

Lan Hong smiled, "With Miss Yun's talent, she doesn't need to be your disciple at all. Besides, you are not the only elder of the Association! She doesn't have to be your disciple!"

Reminded by Lan Hong's words, all the other elders realized that there was a chance for them and hurried towards Yun Luofeng.

"Miss Yun, don't listen to Luo Fu. You don't have to acknowledge him as Master! You can become my disciple. With my protection, Luo Fu, the old fool, dare not do anything to you!"

"Why should Miss Yun become your disciple? I think I'm most suitable for her! If she acknowledges me as Master, I will not only protect her but also protect her family."

"Miss Yun, I'm so sorry about your Second Uncle. If you become my disciple, I will avenge your Second Uncle!"

Strength talked in this Continent, so everyone was very realistic. If Yun Luofeng was still a trash, they would only take sides with Luo Fu rather than speak these words! They behaved like this because of Yun Luofeng's extraordinary medical skill and her great talent!

Luo Fu angrily stared at these betrayers, his old face all black with anger, and he snapped, "What are you doing? Yun Luofeng is messing with the Association of Physicians, but you're still fighting for her?"

"Luo Fu, save it. We know that you want to make Miss Yun your disciple. But you've done so many bad things to her. How can she agree to become your disciple? As long as she joins the Physician Association, you can do nothing to her."

Hearing Luo Fu's words, all the elders looked at him with contempt. In their eyes, nothing was more important than Yun Luofeng now. When they were scrambling for Yun Luofeng, all of a sudden, a strong aura came from the nearby sky and instantly attracted the attention of all the people. When the people looked up, a snow-white figure came into their eyes.

An old man, with his hands clasped behind back, was walking on the air. He was as elegant as an immortal, and his step was so light that it looked like white lotus flowers blossoming under his feet. He also had a powerful aura around him.

Also noticing the old man, Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrows. He looked totally different from that brazen old man in her memory.

"What are you quarreling about?"

Speaking with a cool voice, the old man slowly walked down from the air, as if there was a stairway under his feet, and he was walking down the invisible steps...

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