Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 633: Tian Ya Showed up Coolly (4)

Lin Yating's face finally changed. She could no longer keep her elegant manner and coldly stared at the girl in the square with her beautiful eyes, a chill gleam flickering across her eyes.

"Yun Luofeng, I promise you!"

No matter how strong her medical skill was, it would be impossible for her to cure so many patients within fifteen minutes. Besides, even if she succeeded, so what? She couldn't do anything if she refused to keep her promise! Above all, the Physician Association would not allow the Medical City to disappear!

"Elder Rong, do me a favor." Yun Luofeng turned her head to Elder Rong and said slowly.

"What is it?" Elder Rong smiled and asked.

"I'll write you a few prescriptions later. Please decoct the medicines for me and be sure to finish them within fifteen minutes."

"Okay, Luofeng, you can rest assured, I will do as you order."

Elder Rong's face turned solemn. He knew this was very important, and Yun Luofeng must trust him very much by asking him to do this for her! He would not let her down!

"I'm afraid you will need more hands to finish this task," said Elder Lan Hong, who remained silent until now, "so I'll ask my disciples to help you."

Elder Rong would refuse if it were another elder, for fear that the person might poison the medicine! But Lan Hong was different! He would never do such a thing.

When the martial masters of the Medical City were hunting Yun Qingya and the Association of Physicians chose to shield the Medical City, only he stood out to oppose it! Because of this, he had been marginalized in the Medical City.

A moment later, a disciple of the Association took out an incense burner and lit fragrant incense in it. As a breeze blew over, the incense slowly produced an intoxicating fragrance.

"You can start now." Lin Yating flicked her sleeve and sat down, her cold eyes fixing on Yun Luofeng, a smile hovering on her lips.

In the Physician Association, anyone who dared to contend with her would end up losing!

Not saying a word, Yun Luofeng took a bag of silver needles from her sleeve, disinfected them with fire, and pierced one of them into a patient's body...

"She... she hasn't felt the patient's pulse. How can she just start the acupuncture?"

"She doesn't take the patient's life seriously! How could she start the treatment before she examined the patient?"

"It seems that Qiuping is right. She really doesn't have any strength... "

Everyone was shocked by Yun Luofeng's actions, and even the elders of the Association of Physicians frowned. In their eyes, Yun Luofeng was completely unconcerned with the patient's life.

As a physician, how could she be so indiscreet about treatment?

After acupuncturing one patient at a surprising speed, Yun Luofeng moved to another patient in the blink of an eye. She was so fast that no one could catch her actions with their naked eyes...

Before the time was up she had acupunctured all the patients. Then the disciples of the Medical Pavilion and Lan Hong came over, each of whom was holding a bowl of medicinal soup.

By merely smelling the medicinal soup, Yun Luofeng knew which illnesses they were respectively used for and instructed the disciples to distribute them to the patients.

"Drink the medicinal soup, and all of you will recover."

While Yun Luofeng was saying that, the patients had already taken the medicinal soup. As soon as they took it they felt that the pain in their body was being alleviated.

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