Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 631: Tian Ya Showed Up Coolly (2)

Lin Yating bit her lips tightly. The medicine that she asked Qiuping to give the young man couldn't be wrong! Besides, Lan Hong had confirmed that he was ill just now.

But why did it change so quickly? What had happened during the last several minutes?

With a complex look, Luo Fu didn't say anything. He was the one who asked Lin Yating to do this! But even though he wanted to say the young man was ill, he couldn't say so when witnessed by so many elders! So he sighed helplessly, "He really is not ill!"

A healthy person was taken as a patient in the Trial Competition! Everyone knew what it meant. Therefore, the whole square was in an uproar.

"Why did the young man insist he was ill even though he was actually healthy? This made us misunderstand the girl!"

"Do you think there is still any healthy person among the patients distributed to us?"

"It seems that the Physician Association is not that reliable! If we can't diagnose the patient's illness, will we also fail to pass the Trial Competition?"

Listening to their discussion, all the elders present looked bad, and some grumpy elders directly hurled abuse.

"Luo Fu, this Physician Competition is hosted by your disciple. Why did this happen? You must give us an explanation!"

"Exactly, give an explanation to the participants, or else the Association's fame will be damaged."

Luo Fu's face darkened, and he turned to Qiuping and asked, "Qiuping, what's wrong with you? I asked you to help Yating, and you have made such an unforgivable mistake!"

Qiuping was stunned. Looking at Luo Fu's harsh eyes, he helplessly sighed in his heart. He knew that Luo Fu wanted to sacrifice him to protect Lin Yating. But it was he who was in charge of this! Lin Yating just gave him some suggestions.

"Master, I know I was wrong."

With a bump, Qiuping got on his knees and lowered his eyes, a grim light flashing through his eyes, "Sister Yating has nothing to do with these things. It's just that I really don't like Yun Luofeng, so I wanted to expel her by some means!"

He raised his head and glared at Yun Luofeng. "Sister Yating was so kind to her, but she was completely ungrateful! And I overheard that she wanted to frame up Sister Yating."

Luo Fu looked at Qiuping with surprise, "She wanted to frame up Yating? why?"


Qiuping paused. He just blurted out whatever came into his mind and hadn't worked out the details yet!

"Because... "He clenched his fist, and came up with an idea," because she heard that Ghost Emperor had been invited to the Competition and was going to serve as the referee! At that time, Ghost Emperor, as a referee, would meet Sister Yating, so she wanted to hurt Sister Yating out of jealousy. Master, I did these things because I thought the best defense was offense!"

Hearing Qiuping's indignant words, some people who didn't know the real situation had believed him.

"Qiuping, what did you say?" Lin Yating slightly frowned, "Did you really hear her? Yun Luofeng wanted to hurt me for this reason?"

From what Lin Yating knew of Qiuping, she knew that he made these things up, but it didn't stop her from adding fuel to the fire. She knew that after today's event, it was completely impossible for Yun Luofeng to swear allegiance to her!

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