Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 623: Apologize? (5)

This time, let alone Lin Ge, even Lin Yating and Luo Fu looked angry.

This woman was just playing with them!

"Little girl," Luo Fu's eyes darkened, "Medical City also suffered great harm because of your dispute! Now they are willing to forgive your past misdeeds and came to apologize to you. Why won't you just let bygones be bygones?"

Hearing his words, Yun Luofeng couldn't help but laugh, "They suffered great harm? I wonder what great harm they suffered? Did they live in the darkness for ten years like my second uncle? Did they suffer in misery for ten years like him?"

Frowning, Luo Fu became impatient, "The young master of Medical City was mentally injured by your second uncle and hasn't recovered even after so many years! Isn't that the fault of Yun Qingya? But Medical City has forgiven you and came to apologize to you. Why don't you just accept it? It will do you no good to make things so embarrassing!"

"Fair play is the rule of the ring. He ordered strong masters of Medical City to hunt my second uncle to retaliate just because he was defeated by him!" With a wicked smile, Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the old man, "If you were the victim, would you still think it was my second uncle's fault?"

No wonder Medical City was so shameless! That was because they were backed by the Physician Association that was just as shameless as them!

Luo Fu looked somewhat embarrassed, "Even though Medical City was wrong, now Lin Ge has come to apologize to you, why can't you render good for evil?"

Besides Luo Fu, a lot of people had said this to Yun Luofeng.

Render good for evil?

Sorry, she only knew an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!

"I am at daggers drawn with Medical City!" Her arrogant and domineering words slowly rang throughout the quiet courtyard.

Luo Fu's face completely darkened, and when he was going to reprimand her, Lin Yating raised her hand and stopped him.

She shook her head at Luo Fu and then turned her eyes to Yun Luofeng, "I know you are still angry. So tell me, what can we do to make you forgive us?"

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips and cracked a wicked smile, "Well, when Medical City disappears, I'll forgive them!"


Luo Fu was so angry that he laughed and his eyes, no longer indifferent, turned icy, "Yun Luofeng, you are the most arrogant girl I've ever seen! Do you think we have to fawn on you? I admit you are talented, and I really want to woo you to my side! But you are not the only genius in the world!

Then he paused, and continued, "Besides, a genius has to be alive to reach the peak! So I hope you don't die too soon! Yating, let's go!"

The old man's tone was clearly threatening, and before he left, he looked back at Yun Luofeng, a fierce gleam in his eyes. Since she couldn't be used by him, he would rather kill her than watch her joining other powers!

"Yun Luofeng, my Master has a bad temper. Please don't mind it." Looking at Yun Luofeng, Lin Yating kept quiet for a while and said, "If you change your mind, please let me know."

In Lin Yating's mind, it would be best if she could persuade Yun Luofeng to serve her! But if there really wasn't any way to subdue her, then she could only kill her as ordered by her Master!


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