Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 622: Apologize? (4)

In a quiet courtyard, Yun Luofeng was sitting quietly in a bower. She gazed at the sky and a wicked light flickered across her eyes.

"It's been a year!"

She didn't know whether Yun Xiao had left the Secret Realm of the Xiao Family. If he had left there, he would probably come to the Physician Competition to see her! Thinking this, she calmed down and a lazy and unruly smile spread across her face.

"Yun Luofeng."

Suddenly, a sound came from a distance that disturbed her peacefulness. She leaned against a column of the bower, put her hands on the back of her head, and lazily glanced at the people who came from outside the courtyard.

Among them, one was Lin Yating, who she had just met today, another was an immortal-like old man, and the third was a handsome middle-aged man. The old man looked indifferent, but the middle-aged man stared at her grimly with a resentful gleam in his eyes. In a minute Yun Luofeng had figured out who the middle-aged man was.

Lin Ge, Master of Medical City!

The chief culprit who made Second Uncle suffer so much!

Looking at them quickly walking toward her, she slightly raised the corners of her lips. "You're not welcome here."

Lin Ge's face darkened, but thinking of Lin Yating's words, he tried to suppress the rage in his heart and said coldly, "I came to apologize to you."

"Apologize?" Yun Luofeng wickedly glanced at Lin Ge. "Fine, get on your knees!"

Her words were arrogant and domineering, with an overwhelming aura. Obviously, she didn't take Lin Ge seriously.

"Don't push me too hard, Yun Luofeng!" Lin Ge clenched his fist, his face ghastly pale.

"Father," Lin Yating frowned slightly and said with a lowered voice, "Your temporary sacrifice is worthwhile! Since Yun Luofeng is very talented, if I don't draw her over to our side, she's likely to be wooed by other elders, and at that time, we will lose a great support and you will no longer be able to get revenge."

Lin Ge's face changed. He knew what Lin Yating said was true. If Yun Luofeng was wooed by other elders, he would never be able to take revenge! Thinking of this, he took a deep breath and knelt down on one knee, "It was my fault. I'm sorry!"

"Oh, so you know you were wrong," Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, "But you didn't even kowtow to me. Why should I accept your apology?"

Lin Ge almost blew up with rage, his face blushed and his eyes were filled with rage. Kneeling down had already touched his bottom line. How dare this woman ask him to kowtow to her! In her dreams!

"Father!" Lin Yating tried to persuade him, "You don't want all your previous efforts wasted, right?"

All his previous efforts wasted? Her words hit Lin Ge hard in his heart. He clenched his fist and bumped his head hard against the ground.

"Is it enough?" After kowtowing to her, Lin Ge stood up, his face purple and his eyes full of rage, "I have said sorry and kowtowed to you. Now can you keep your word and forgive me?"

"Keep my words?" Yun Luofeng smiled gently, "I'm sorry, but I never promised you anything, not to mention forgiving you! I just asked you to get on your knees and kowtow to me. I didn't expect you would just do what I ordered."


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