Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 621: Apologize? (3)

"Father," Lin Yating pursed her lips and a complex look flickered across her eyes, "I have a presumptuous request. Could you help me?"

"What is that?" Looking at Lin Yating's guilty face, Lin Ge had a bad feeling somehow.

"I hope you can apologize to Yun Luofeng!"

Hearing her words, Lin Ge instantly flew into a rage and jumped to his feet.

"Yating, what did you say? You want me to apologize to that b*tch, Yun Luofeng? I tell you, it's impossible! She should appreciate that I don't seek revenge against her and now you ask me to apologize to her?!" He gnashed his teeth, his eyes full of malevolence.

Lin Yating gently frowned, "I have no choice. I have already apologized to her on your behalf, but she is not willing to accept it. Now you will have to apologize to her yourself and I'll ask my master to persuade her! Maybe she will forgive you for the sake of the Physician Association."

"Yating, you don't have to say anything more," Lin Ge snorted, "I've promised you I won't seek revenge against her, but I will never apologize to her. Don't even think about it!"

Yun Qingya had greatly humiliated his son, and Yun Luofeng had burned down his estate. They were his mortal enemies! How could he apologize to her?

"Father!" Lin Yating's face darkened, "It was brother's fault. In those days, I asked my master to shield Medical City and push Yun Qingya into such a state! I think you had your revenge. Why can't you just bury the hatchet?"

"You..." Lin Ge was trembling all over, "Yating, don't forget that I adopted you when you were a miserable orphan, but now you just repay me with this?"

Lin Yating tightly clenched her fist, "Father, I know I owe you a great debt of gratitude. That's why I have been indulging the activities of Medical City over the years! I've helped you so much. Why can't you help me this time? If my master loses his power, what will happen to Medical City?"

She gazed at Lin Ge and said sincerely, "Don't worry. After I make Yun Luofeng my subordinate, I will give her to you and you can do whatever to her!"

Lin Ge looked at Lin Yating suspiciously, "Will you... really give her to me?"

Of course she wouldn't! She just wanted to persuade Lin Ge to apologize to Yun Luofeng so that she could forgive Medical City. However, she would not tell this to Lin Ge.

Looking sincere, she promised solemnly, "I'll keep my word!"

However, Lin Ge couldn't tell how true her words were...

"Alright!" Lin Ge took a deep breath," I accept your request! But you should keep your word! After you have made Yun Luofeng your subordinate, you'll have to give her to me, and I will make her beg me for death!"

Lin Yating glanced at the ferocious-looking Lin Ge and said mildly, "Just remember not to nullify her strength. I need her strength!"

"I know," Lin Ge smiled, "Yating, let's go to see that b*tch, Yun Luofeng! One day, I'll make her pay for what I will suffer today!"

Looking at the man who had been blinded by hatred, Lin Yating sneered silently, but Lin Ge didn't notice the grim look on her face at all…


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