Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 619: Apologize? (1)

Lin Yating's eyes darkened, but soon she regained her composure and raised an elegant smile again, "Miss Yun, I know you are still angry, but I think you are here to participate in the Physician Competition! So, come with me."

As if not offended by Yun Luofeng's words at all, she turned her head to the guard at the gate and said mildly, "Miss Yun is my friend and invited to attend the Physician Competition, so you can let her enter."

The guard stepped aside and said respectfully, "Yes, Sister Yating."

"Let's go." Lin Yating turned her eyes to Yun Luofeng and smiled graciously, "Just follow me and no one will stop you."

She meant that if Yun Luofeng didn't follow her, she couldn't get into the Physician Association.

For this, Lin Yating was very confident! Since Yun Luofeng was not a member of the Physician Association, if she wanted to attend the Physician Completion, she must have an invitation card, and all invitation cards were distributed by her!

Now, as long as Yun Luofeng entered the Physician Association with her, she would become her subordinate sooner or later. However, just when Lin Yating was certain that Yun Luofeng would agree, she opened her mouth and uttered a word she didn't expect.


Lin Yating gently frowned. This woman was really stubborn! When she was just about to continue to persuade her, an old voice rang.

"Haha, Miss Yun, you've also come!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Yun Luofeng looked around only to see an old man who was walking towards her. She smiled, "Elder Rong, long time no see."

It was Elder Rong of the Medical Pavilion! He also didn't expect he would meet Yun Luofeng at the gate of the Physician Association.

As if not seeing Lin Yating, Elder Rong directly went up to Yun Luofeng, "Girl, I knew you would come to attend the Physician Competition, so I asked our Master to get two invitation cards from the Association a few months ago. I thought I might meet you halfway, but it never occurred to me that we would meet here! Here you are. Here is your invitation card."

Lin Yating could no longer maintain her elegance. Her face darkened and she clenched her fists, trying to suppress her inner rage.

"Since Miss Yun has already had an invitation card, I won't bother you. See you." Lin Yating slightly narrowed her eyes, glanced at Yun Luofeng and Elder Rong and forced a smile. Then, she walked into the Association without looking back.

"Girl," Elder Rong frowned, "How did you meet Lin Yating here?"

Yun Luofeng shrugged, "She said she wanted to apologize to me for Master of Medical City and asked me to forgive her."

"Apologize?" Elder Rong sneered, "She really had the nerve to say so! Besides, I heard that the City Master's Estate in Medical City was burned down by someone. Did you do it?"

Not denying it, Yun Luofeng nodded, "Yes, I did it."

"Alas!" Elder Rong couldn't help but gasp and gave her a wry smile, "You are too reckless, girl. How dare you, not accompanied by Elder Ning and me, go to the Medical City alone? The master of the Medical City is not weak. What if you were caught by him?"

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