Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 617: Lin Yating 's Mind (2)

Lin Yating slightly frowned and glanced at those who were talking about her, and an icy light flickered across her eyes. However, she didn't say anything but walked straight ahead.

Seeing this, they deliberately raised their voices.

"Lin Yating is so conceited because she thinks she is talented and her Master, Elder Luo Fu has a high status! But her brother is a trouble-maker! I'm sure her brother will continue to make trouble for her!"

"The Ghost Emperor will not marry a woman like her! Otherwise, wouldn't Medical City make him lose face?"

Lin Yating remained expressionless, ignoring those jealous voices. But a disciple standing beside her couldn't bear it and shouted angrily at those people.

"Who said the Ghost Emperor would lose face if he married Sister Yating? Sister Yating is beautiful, wise, and talented, and has acquired an important position in the Physician Association. It'll be a blessing for him if he can marry Sister Yating!"

"What do the Medical City people's deeds have to do with Sister Yating? Should she be blamed for the deeds of her father and brother? You are just jealous that Sister Yating can stand beside the Ghost Emperor! How dare you say the Ghost Emperor is ugly? Even if the Ghost Emperor is ugly, Sister Yating won't judge a person by his appearance!"

When the disciple began to speak, Lin Yating didn't stop him, and as soon as he finished, she hypocritically stopped him, "Why are you arguing with them? I have nothing to be ashamed of, so I don't care about their words! It makes no sense to quarrel with them. It's better to spend the time in cultivation."

Looking at her admiringly, the disciple said, "Sister Yating, you are never affected by rumors and always work so hard. If I were the Ghost Emperor, I would definitely marry you."

Lin Yating smiled, "Now I just want to concentrate on cultivation, and I'm not in the mood to start a romance! And no matter how angry you are at those people, you can't say something like that it'll be a blessing for the Ghost Emperor to marry me! I don't think I'm that excellent. After all, I still need to improve myself."

She really wasn't in the mood to start a romance. She just wanted to be the Ghost Emperor's wife! Also, she said these words because she knew that the Ghost Emperor's spies were everywhere, and perhaps her words would become known by him.

If you wanted to make a man fall in love with you, you should make him appreciate you first!

If the Ghost Emperor appreciated her, she would be one step closer to her target!

"Now I will go to cultivate. Don't mind what they are talking about. A clean hand needs no washing!"

With an elegant smile on her face, she looked so confident that some women gnashed their teeth.

Unfortunately, they knew that they were not as talented as Lin Yating, so they could only watch her approaching the Ghost Emperor...


A huge peak towered into the clouds, on top of which there was a prosperous city! The Physician Association that was worshipped as God by the common people was in the center of the city!

At this time, at the gate of the Physician Association, Yun Luofeng stopped, stroked her chin, and looked up at the majestic gate, a wicked smile on her lips. "This is the Physician Association! Xiao Bai, here we are."


When she was just about to enter the gate, a man stopped her and asked coldly, "Where is your invitation card?"

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