Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 616: Lin Yating 's Mind (1)

Seeing that Lin Yating had been moved by his words, Luo Fu said sincerely, "Yating, I've given you the best chance. Don't let me down."

"Master, I know what I shall do," Lin Yating raised her head and looked resolutely at Luo Fu, "Even if I fail in the end, I still want to have a try!"

Love could not be forced! So, Lin Yating couldn't guarantee she would succeed. However, she would try it anyway! And she would do everything she could to pursue him.

Luo Fu laughed, "Yating, I know your habit. You will never guarantee anything you are not sure about! But I have faith in you! I believe that the Ghost Emperor won't disregard a woman as perfect as you!! "

The Ghost Emperor would not ignore Lin Yating unless he was blind!

Of course, Luo Fu didn't dare to say this. Otherwise, the Ghost Emperor would be enraged if he heard his words even if he had fallen in love with Lin Yating.

"Master, I also have something to tell you," Lin Yating's eyes turned solemn, "I want to invite Yun Luofeng to join the Physician Association! So I would like to ask you to issue an invitation to the Yun Family and invite Yun Luofeng to attend the Physician Competition!"

"Oh?" Luo Fu looked a little surprised. "As far as I know, your father has a feud with the Yun family. Why do you want to befriend Yun Luofeng?"

Lin Yating smiled gracefully, "No hatred is as important as the Physician Association! For Master, I will put aside all old grudges and try my best to make Yun Luofeng work for us!"

"Hahaha!" Laughing out loud, Luo Fu stood up and patted Lin Yating on the shoulder, "Good girl!" Very few people in the world can return good for evil like you! I'm so proud of you!" He smiled and looked at his disciple with satisfaction. "If there is nothing else, you can leave and take a rest, and I will send an invitation to the Yun Family later!"

"Yes, Master. I'm leaving." After saying this, Lin Yating gracefully saluted, turned around and left…

In the Physician Association, there were a lot of factions, and the elders would contend for power and profit against each other! However, if faced with an external enemy, they would bury the hatchet and fight against the enemy together, which was why the Physician Association shielded Medical City back then.

For the Physician Association, Medical City was one of them. Even though they were not quite harmonious, Medical City was still more important than an external enemy! Otherwise, no one would respect the Physician Association!

When Lin Yating just walked outside the Council of Elders, she heard the discussion voices of some disciples of other elders that were full of contempt for her.

"I wonder what tricks Lin Yating has played to make the president agree to make her the referee! In the past, the referee was usually an elder."

"Exactly! She must hear that the Ghost Emperor will come to the Physician Association, so she wants to take a favored position to gain his attention! What a shameless b*tch!"

"Haha, the Ghost Emperor always wears a mask and no one has seen his real face under the mask. Lin Yating wants to gain his attention because of his power! If she finds that the unmasked Ghost Emperor is actually very ugly, will she be disgusted and throw up?..."

Those people meant their words to be heard by Lin Yating, so they didn't lower their voices even though they had seen her.

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