Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 614: Ghost Emperor Was Invited (2)

Lin Yating gently frowned and patiently explained, "Father, Yun Luofeng is quite talented, so I really want to make her my subordinate! You know, it's not easy to get a firm footing in the Physician Association and my Master needs more strong men so that he will not fall behind other elders. Otherwise, my Master and I will soon be replaced by others, and at that time, will Medical City still have the influence it has today?"

Lin Ge quieted down, "But Yun Qingya of the Yun Family..."

"Father, I know that you want to avenge Brother! But I hope you can temporarily put aside the hatred for Yun Qingya and help me! Only if I maintain my position can Medical City sustain its current status."

Lin Ge sighed. He knew that what Lin Yating said was true. Without his foster daughter, Medical City would no longer be able to sustain its current status! If she lost her position in the Physician Association, Medical City would soon collapse!

"Though I know what you said is true, I still want to remind you that Yun Luofeng has very excellent medical skills, and if she takes your place in the Physician Association, then..."

"Don't worry. As long as she agrees to serve as my subordinate, I have a way to make her loyal to me for the rest of her life." Lin Yating smiled, and her words were full of confidence.

"Well," Lin Ge gave a bitter smile and said helplessly, "now that you've made up your mind, what else can I do? Fine, I will listen to you and temporarily put aside my hatred towards them, but I will still avenge my son someday! Besides, I heard that Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya destroyed the Tian Family together. Do you think they have some relationship?"

Lin Yating raised an elegant smile, "Father, didn't you know that Tian Ya and the Tian Family were enemies? I heard it from the president of the Association but I don't know all the details. It's said that the Tian Family forced Tian Ya to marry a woman and made him lose his lover, so Tian Ya bore a grudge against the Tian Family!"

Saying this, Lin Yating paused, "So it was just a coincidence. The Tian Family offended both Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya, and they happened to go to Tian Mountain to seek their revenge at the same time! If Yun Luofeng really has a relationship with Tian Ya, then Medical City would have disappeared long ago."

Lin Ge nodded, "Your words make sense! Now I have one last question. How will you deal with Yun Luofeng if she doesn't want to pledge loyalty to you?"

Lin Yating smiled mysteriously, a confident smile hovering on her lips, "She will."

All of a sudden, a disciple of the Association came in hurriedly. He made an obeisance and said to Lin Yating, "Sister Yating, Elder Luo Fu asks you to see him."

"Master wants to see me?" Lin Yating frowned slightly, "Ok, I know. Please tell Master, I will go to see him later."

"Yes." The disciple made an obeisance and left.

After the disciple left, she continued, "Father, remember what I said just now! Yun Luofeng is quite talented and she would be very useful to me."

Saying this, Lin Yating didn't ask Lin Ge for his opinion, glanced at him, and left the room.

Lin Ge gazed at her receding figure and his face darkened bit by bit. He clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles cracked.

"She is not my biological daughter, so she doesn't regard me. I expected her to avenge me, but she just told me she wanted to make Yun Luofeng her subordinate! If it weren't for Medical City, I would never promise her that!"

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