Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 613: Ghost Emperor Was Invited (I)


While the crowd was still in shock, the girl had released a deep green flame which blossomed like a green lotus flower. At this moment, she was simply breathtakingly beautiful.


In an instant, the fire had covered the City Master's Estate and turned it into a sea of fire.

After doing all this, Yun Luofeng turned around and walked to Lin Ruobai, "Ok, we can leave now."

She came here to settle accounts with Medical City! Unfortunately, the Master of Medical City was not home today! However, she didn't want to come here in vain, so she just burned the whole City Master's Estate.

When the crowd had figured it out, they couldn't help but gasp!

This woman was really scary! She burned the City Master's Estate just so it wouldn't be a wasted trip for her!


The Physician Association was one of the most powerful forces on this continent, because it led all the powerful physicians on this continent. Everyone was clear about the influence of a physician!


At this moment in the Physician Association, Lin Ge jumped to his feet in rage and gnashed his teeth, his handsome face ghastly pale. "Did you say Yun Luofeng went to Medical City and burned the City Master's Estate?"

"Master, this news is from Medical City. I think it's true."

"Good!" Lin Ge clenched his fist and laughed angrily, "Very good! Yun Luofeng, how dare you! I will never forgive you! If it weren't for the important Physician Competition, I would have made her die miserably."

But it didn't matter. He would kill her the day he left the Physician Association!

"Father." Just then an elegant voice came from the door.

Hearing the familiar voice, Lin Ge suppressed the anger in his heart, smiled and looked up. "Yating, why did you come here?"

Lin Yating smiled and walked slowly into the room, "I just came to see you. Father, what happened? Why are you so angry?"

"Hum, I'm angry because of those Yun Family b*stards!" Lin Ge's face darkened once again, "That b*tch Yun Luofeng went to Medical City and set fire to the City Master's Estate. How can I not be angry with her?"

Lin Yating's smile was elegant and beautiful, her charming face glowing with luster.

"Father, it's just an estate! Let me catch Yun Luofeng and force her to rebuild the City Master's Estate for you. Isn't it better? I will make her build a better estate for you."

Lin Ge shook his head, "Yating, you don't know about Yun Luofeng's temper. She can never be so obedient! That woman is harder to deal with than her second uncle.

"Father, you are wrong," Lin Yating sat down beside Lin Ge and chuckled, "Except for Tian Ya, all the physicians in the world have to obey the Physician Association! With my position in the Physician Association, it will be so easy for me to order her to do anything!"

Lin Ge was stunned, "Yating, what do you mean?"

"I mean..." Lin Yating paused, "I want to make Yun Luofeng my subordinate!"


Lin Ge jumped to his feet again and said angrily, "Heng'er lost face because of Yun Qingya and hasn't recovered from that blow even now. And Yun Luofeng has burned my estate. How can you have such an idea? I don't agree!"

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