Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 609: Jueqian, the 'Miracle Healer' (2)

"These puppets look like mankind but have no thought. They only know unconditionally obeying orders, just like the walking dead! But I didn't expect that my research had been leaked, which made me the target of countless strong men!"

"Those ridiculous men tried to snatch my finished products from me with high-sounding reasons! They even claimed that I would do evil with these puppets, so they were enforcing justice on behalf of God!"

"On behalf of God? Hahaha! Didn't they know that I was never afraid of God? If God wants me to die, then I'll kill him first! I never believed in God. What I know is that those who comply with me will thrive and those who resist me will perish! So I killed those ridiculous people! In the end, all the strong men on the continent began to hunt me together and they swore they would kill me, an evil-doer!"

"I'm fed up with those old guys hunting me! So I came to this place and wrote down the method of making puppets. I hope that some pre-destined person can discover the book and fulfill my unfinished wish! Next, I'll wage the final battle with those sanctimonious old b*stards! I'm already prepared to kill them at the expense of my life!"

"If I fail, my soul will fall into their hands, and they can acquire my memory by some means! Therefore, before I leave, I will seal my memory and they will never be able to get the puppet refining technique!"

Lin Ruobai also read the book and suddenly realized, "According to historical records, a thousand years ago, Jueqian the Miracle Healer suddenly disappeared from the continent. It turns out that he was hunted because of his superb puppet technique. But it's never mentioned in historical records."

Certainly, the strong men who were in charge of the continent would not make their evil deeds public! So they deleted that part. That was why no one knew about the end of Jueqian. Obviously, Jueqian was killed by them in the end!

"Master, I am not interested in the puppet thing, so I can't fulfill the Miracle Healer's wish." Lin Ruobai blinked and said with a smile, "I think you should keep this book. But you have to hide it well, or else you may suffer the same fate as Jueqian if it's found out by others."

Everyone knew that Jueqian had extraordinary medical skills and hailed him as the "Miracle Healer". However, he gave up medical research and chose to create life instead.

"Let's go." Yun Luofeng put away the book and looked back at the fresco on the wall.

The man in the fresco still looked proud, with an arrogant smile on his lips, his body leaning against the throne, his palm supporting his face. At this moment, she finally figured out why the man in the fresco looked so arrogant and unruly! This was the expression he had shown to the strong men who had been hunting him!

No one could deny that Yun Luofeng gained a lot from her journey to Bi'an Mountain. She had successfully obtained the Soul Guide, and Milk Tea's strength had been greatly improved. More importantly, she had received Jueqian's book!

Creating life? Could life in this world really be created by some special means?

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes slightly, her eyes filled with intense interest. Now she was highly intrigued by it...


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