Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 608: Jueqian, the 'Miracle Healer' (1)

Yun Luofeng didn't speak but quietly listened, and after quite a while, she ordered, "Milk Tea, dig the hole larger."


Milk Tea came out of the hole and began to dig, and after a moment there appeared a great hole in front of Yun Luofeng...

After seeing what was inside the hole, Lin Ruobai was stunned. "Is there a tunnel down here?"

"Xiao Bai, let's go inside and see if we can find our way out."

After that, Yun Luofeng jumped and disappeared into the hole. No longer hesitating, Lin Ruobai followed Yun Luofeng into the deep hole and was frozen the moment she saw what was on the other end of the tunnel.

It was an underground palace, resplendent and brightly lit, utterly different from the shabby cave.

"This place must have been built by some strong man. Xiao Bai, we can't stay here. Let's go."

Not answering her words, Lin Ruobai gazed at the fresco on the wall in front her without blinking.

"Xiao Bai?"

Yun Luofeng frowned slightly and followed Lin Ruobai's gaze only to see a gorgeous man in the fresco.

This man was mesmerizingly beautiful!

How beautiful was he? His beauty was simply beyond expression!

He sat on a dark gold throne, supporting his cheek with his right hand, with his eyebrows slightly raised. Even though he showed no expression, he looked so unruly and domineering! He wore a scarlet robe with his delicate collarbone partially exposed, and the corners of his lips were raised, showing an arrogant smile.

"Xiao Bai, who is he?" Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin and looked at the gorgeous fresco with appreciation.

"Jueqian, the 'Miracle Healer'!"

Jueqian the Miracle Healer, a legend existing a thousand years ago! Hearing the name, Yun Luofeng couldn't help thinking of the book at the auction.

"Is this the tomb of Jueqian the Miracle Healer?" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes slightly, "No, it's just a temporary palace he built, not his tomb."

Lin Ruobai pointed to the corner in front of her and said in surprise, "Master, look, there's a book in that corner!"

Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the corner, slowly walked up, and carefully picked the book up from the ground. The book was quite old with a thick layer of dust on it. Yun Luofeng gently flicked the dust off the book and saw the characters on its cover.

"For the Pre-destined Person."

Yun Luofeng slowly opened the book. On the first page, there were a few slightly blurred lines of characters! Fortunately, though they were a little blurred, they were still legible.

"Though I am known as the Miracle Healer, medicine is not my real interest! So, I didn't continue my research on medicine. What really interests me is creating life!"

Creating life? Yun Luofeng was stunned. Could life be created by a human?

At the thought of this, Yun Luofeng turned a page...

"I had been wondering about the origin of human beings. I believed that a human could be created by some special means! So I spent the rest of my life studying the origin of mankind! Unfortunately, though I spent a lot of time on it, I could only make something lifeless, which I called - a puppet!"


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