Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 600: Heavenly Martial Pavilion Was Destroyed (4)

"Master, why do you still want to hide it from us? On that day, you and she stayed alone in the cherry grove, with a hidden guard guarding outside and stopping anyone from entering it! Wasn't it because you were doing something indecent with her?"

Chen Tian spoke with bitter hatred, like a parent who was educating his misbehaving child.

"Oh?" Chen Yuqing gave a sneer," I was doing something indecent with her? Why don't I know about it? Chen Tian, you really let me down." He paused and then continued, "Besides, I wish she could seduce me, but she is already married and has a child, so my wish will never be fulfilled."

"What?" Chen Tian stared in shock. "She is already married and has a child? Why did Tang Yue say that her son was an illegitimate child?

Tang Yue - how many lies did she tell me?

"Impossible! Tang Yue violently shook her head, "Yun Luofeng is not married at all. Her child is a b*stard..."

Chen Yuqing coldly glanced at Tang Yue, which made Tang Yue feel like being stabbed through, and she shivered in pain.

"You mean I'm lying?" His voice, no longer gentle as usual, was cold.

Tang Yue, biting her lip tightly and not saying a word, glared at Yun Luofeng. If her eyes could kill people, Yun Luofeng would have been killed for millions of times!

"Tang Yue!" Angrily turning around, Chen Tian slapped Tang Yue hard and shouted ferociously, "How dare you lie to me?!"

Tang Yue covered her red and swollen cheek with her hand, and the venomous hatred in her eyes was so intense that it could almost poison to death anyone who glanced at her.

"Master, I really didn't know she was married and had a child, and I saw with my own eyes that you two were in the cherry grove, so..."

Chen Tian deliberately accentuated 'cherry grove', as if asking Chen Yuqing to give him an explanation.

"You want to know?" Chen Yuqing's eyes were indifferent, "Fine! Let me tell you, Yun Luofeng is the physician I invited to treat my illness. It was I who invited her to come to the Chen Family!"

Chen Tian was stunned and asked incredulously, "Master, you mean she is the physician you invited to treat you? How is that possible? What medical skills can this little girl have?"

"Yes, she has no medical skills and made Tian Ya her disciple."

Chen Yuqing raised an ironic smile.

Didn't you say she had no medical skills? If she has no medical skills, then why was Tian Ya so eager to become her disciple?

Chen Tian totally froze. He knew that Master never lied, and what he said must be true. That was to say, the little girl in front of him was Tian Ya's Master?

For the first time, Yun Luofeng felt that Tian Ya was so famous that even the Chen Family in Huangquan City would know his name.

"Why?" Tang Yue's body trembled, and her eyes were filled with horror. "Why didn't my cousin tell me this? He told me that Yun Luofeng had seduced Tian Ya, so Tian Ya helped her destroy the Tian Family!"

"Giggle!" Lin Ruobai couldn't help but laugh, "My Master just told you to do yourself a favor. Don't let someone take advantage of you and throw you away like garbage. But you were still defending Tianyu! Tut, do you really have a brain? How can you be so stupid?"

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