Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 595: Battle (8)

"Anyone who offends the Heavenly Martial Pavilion must die!"


When the longsword quickly swept forward and was going to behead Yun Luofeng, his owner felt a sharp pain in his chest, and his hand froze in the air. He slowly looked down at the bloody hole in his chest, his eyes wide open and full of disbelief...

At the same time, the girl finally opened her eyes.


The man's body fell heavily in front of her, blood trickling down and dyeing the earth red!

"Squeak!" Milk Tea squeaked angrily. He had lost interest in playing with these people and just killed them!

Suddenly seeing Yun Luofeng wake up, he rushed into her arms, cupped his paws before his chest and squeaked fawningly. He was asking for her praise!

"Well done."

Not reserving the words of praise for Milk Tea, Yun Luofeng patted his head. Milk Tea jumped up in excitement, licked Yun Luofeng's face with his little tongue, and slipped into her sleeve.

"Master, let me go out. I'm going to kill this darn hamster!" Xiao Mo was almost mad with anger, "How dare he molest you! I'm going to kill and eat him!"

Yun Luofeng soothed the angry Xiao Mo and turned her eyes to the two sides fighting on the square...

Not to mention the disciples of the Heavenly Martial Pavilion, even those of the Big Dipper Gang were scared silly by Milk Tea's actions.

After all, in their minds, this gold-seeking hamster was just Yun Luofeng's little pet! Some of them even played with him when they were bored. But Milk Tea didn't show any fighting power at that time. No one would have thought that this seemingly harmless little hamster would have such a terrifying strength! Some of the people who had teased him couldn't help but shiver, their eyes filled with fear. If they had known that he was so strong, they wouldn't have dared to treat him like that!

Tang Ran slightly narrowed his eyes, an unfathomable light flickered across his eye, and a greedy smile appeared on his lips. If only this gold-seeking hamster was his!

"Tang Ran, it's not and will never be your stuff!" Discovering the greediness in Tang Ran's eyes, Murong Bei sneered and said sarcastically.

Tang Ran sneered too, "Not necessarily! All the treasures in the world should belong to the strong ones. Even though she owns the gold-seeking hamster now, it doesn't mean she can keep him forever! Only a strong person can put a spiritual beast like this to the best use! It's simply a waste for her to own this hamster!"

He meant that only he deserved to own this gold-seeking hamster!

"You Heavenly Martial Pavilion people are really shameless and no one can beat you in that aspect!" Murong Bei raised a sarcastic smile, "Unfortunately, you are doomed to fail!"


Saying that, Murong Bei waved the iron chain in his hands again and rushed towards Tang Ran! His chain flew across the sky and produced a dazzling blaze, forcing Tang Ran to retreat because he didn't dare to take his attack...

"Murong Bei," at this moment, the girl's lazy voice rang behind Murong Bei, "I told you to solve them as quickly as possible. Why haven't you finished them?"

Murong Bei stopped his attack and turned his head to Yun Luofeng, his face filled with embarrassment, "Master, I'm sorry!"

"Forget it, back off." Yun Luofeng slowly turned her eyes to Tang Ran, "It's getting late. I don't want to stay here too long. Just stay behind me and count from one to ten."


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