Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 594: Battle (7)

Raising the corners of her lips, Yun Luofeng took a final look at Xiao Mo and left the God Code World...


At this moment, Tang Ran was standing on the square, his face all black. It never occurred to him that Murong Bei, who had just become an intermediate-rank sky-level spirit cultivator, would be able to resist his attack. No wonder Murong Bei enjoyed a widespread reputation before.


Forcefully pushing Murong Bei back a few steps, Tang Ran winked at a person next to him. The man understood his meaning, stopped fighting with his opponent, and dashed toward Yun Luofeng…

A venomous light flickered through his eyes, and the dagger in his hand was shining with an icy light. As long as he slightly sliced across her neck with the dagger, the sleeping girl would be killed instantly!


Catching sight of the man's movement, Murong Bei turned pale with fright and shouted out loud, trying to wake Yun Luofeng up. However, the girl still closed her eyes, as if she didn't feel anything.

Not anxious at all, Lin Ruobai looked at the man with pity and whispered, "Idiot!"

The man had just arrived before Yun Luofeng, and before he could do anything, a little hamster came out of her sleeve and squeaked angrily at the man, with his hands on his hips.


But the man didn't stop. He wielded the dagger and chopped at Yun Luofeng's neck. His movement had completely infuriated Milk Tea!


The Milk Tea cried angrily, jumped up to the back of the man's hand, and bit into it. His teeth were so sharp that he directly bit into the bone. It was so painful that the man forcefully waved his hand and the dagger fell down from his hand.

"This damn gold-seeking hamster!"

He got angry and slapped at the gold-seeking hamster. However, the gold-seeking hamster was so fast that he easily dodged his attack and bit into his thigh again...

On the way to the Huangquan City, they had encountered a lot of spirit beasts, all of which were solved by Milk Tea! Every time, instead of killing them quickly, Milk Tea would play with them like a cat teasing a mouse! He would not kill the spiritual beasts until they were exhausted!

Now, watching the battle between the people of the Heavenly Martial Pavilion and Milk Tea, Lin Ruobai recalled the poor spiritual beasts and felt more sympathetic toward the man.

He really shouldn't provoke Milk Tea!

The little hamster was more irritable than anyone. Provoking him was tantamount to provoking a devil!

"Rubbish!" When Tang Ran saw that his subordinate couldn't even solve a gold-seeking hamster, his face turned black, and then he winked at another subordinate close to him. "You go solve her."

"Yes, Master! The disciple quickly stepped forward, held up his longsword, and went forward to attack Yun Luofeng.

Turning around and seeing this scene, Milk Tea was completely exasperated! He squeaked and directly passed through the man's body...

Yes, he didn't even bother to make a turn and went straight through his body. Before the man had a chance to resist, a bloody hole appeared in his chest and he fell straight down...

The other disciple, who was standing in front of Yun Luofeng, was unaware of the danger. With a sarcastic smile on his lips, he was going to chop at Yun Luofeng with his sword. As long as the sword swept down, the girl's beautiful head would be severed, and Yun Luofeng would just disappear from the world!


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