Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 588: Battle (1)

Recently, the whole Huangquan City had been shocked by a piece of news.

The new master of the Big Dipper Gang provoked the Heavenly Martial Pavilion in an auction and cut off an arm of the latter's disciple! Now, she had even raised a challenge to the Heavenly Martial Pavilion!

The day of the fight would be tomorrow!

Tang Ran read the letter of challenge over and over again and tore it to pieces, his eyes grim, "Yun Luofeng, I'd like to see how you fight with me! Hum!"

"Master." Suddenly, a servant hurried in and half knelt, reporting, "Master, Miss just returned crying."

"Yue'er returned crying?" Tang Ran flew into a rage, pounded the table, jumped to his feet and asked angrily, "Who bullied her?"

"I don't know, but Miss went to Master Tian Yu's room after she came back," the servant replied respectfully, "and it's been a while now."

Tang Ran frowned, flicked his sleeves and walked toward the backyard.


In the room, thin curls of smoke rose from incense burner and made the whole room fragrant.

Tang Yue looked down at the man lying in bed and asked with concern, "Cousin, how are you? Have you felt better in recent days?"

Tang Yue sincerely cared about Tian Yu. After all, Tian Yu's arm was cut off by Yun Luofeng because he tried to protect her.

Maybe because of the incense, Tian Yu's breath came with fluttering swiftness and his face blushed, not as pale as it was.


Suddenly, Tian Yu reached out his hand and grabbed Tang Yue's arm tightly. Tang Yue was in a panic, trying to pull back her own hand, but he caught her more tightly.

"Cousin, what are you doing..."

"Yue' er, I... I want you."

As if suddenly acquiring great strength, Tian Yu dragged Tang Yue onto the bed by force and pressed down Tang Yue's body with his weak body.

If it was before, Tang Yue would have been furious and beat him. But for some reason, her heart was beating fast, and she felt so hot that she just wanted to strip all her clothes...


A thrusting pain suddenly spread all over her body and made her tremble. She gripped the sheet with her fingers, and cold sweat poured down her brow.


No way!

Her body belonged to Chen Yuqing! No man could touch it!

However, even though she kept telling herself this, her body involuntarily followed his movements, and over time, she even felt a great pleasure!


An old voice came in through the door, then the closed door was pushed open, and Tang Ran strode from outside the door. However...

When he saw what was going on inside the room, anger welled up within him and he shouted out loud, "What are you doing!"

No one heard them, and the two were still moving on the bed. At this moment, they were not like human beings, but like two rutting animals.

Finally feeling something wrong, Tang Ran strode forward, knocked the two unconscious and separated their closely intertwined bodies. Then he turned his eyes to the incense burner in the room...


Tang Ran swept the incense burner to the ground, and at this time, the two knocked unconscious by him gradually came to their senses.


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