Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 587: Treatment (2)

Chen Tian's old face suddenly turned pale, and he gnashed his teeth and shouted, "Hidden Guard Group! You summoned the Hidden Guard Group? I wonder what that woman promised you to make you do so much for her!"

The hidden guard frowned, "I've told you I only obey Master's orders. If Master allows you in, I will let you pass immediately. But if he doesn't, I'll never let you enter here!"

Chen Tian's eyes darkened and he tightly clenched his fist.

"In this world, no one can escape from illness! I hope you are never ill in the future because if any member of the Hidden Guard Group gets ill, our Physician Group will not treat you! Yue 'er, let's go!"

He snorted and turned around to leave.

Tang Yue clenched her fist tightly, her face filled with discontent, "Master, do we just let it pass?"

Let it pass? How was that possible?

Chen Tian sneered, " The Hidden Guard Group is very strong, and we can't win if fighting with them physically! Besides, didn't Yun Luofeng issue a challenge to the Heavenly Martial Pavilion? Then she will die soon!"

He would never allow such a woman to enter the Chen Family! In particular, the woman had already had a child...

Tang Yue bit her lips and glanced at the cherry grove. Thinking that perhaps Yun Luofeng was making love to Chen Yuqing in the grove, she felt like she was being pricked by a needle in the heart. How painful it was!

Knowing what Tang Yue was thinking of, Chen Tian patted her on the shoulder and tried to comfort her, "Yue'er, take it easy. How many men in this world only have one woman? It is normal if he sleeps with other women. Don't take it too seriously. Just remember that only you can be the future mistress of the Chen Family."

Maybe what he said was right, but how could she not feel sad when her beloved man was making love to another woman? She wished she could rush into the grove and rip the b*tch's face off! But she didn't do it. She just plaintively lowered her eyes and said, "Master, I understand, I won't mind it, because Yun Luofeng can never become his wife!"

She was right, though. Yun Luofeng would never become Chen Yuqing's wife because she already had Yun Xiao! However, in Tang Yue's mind, Yun Luofeng was too dirty to deserve Chen Yuqing!


The two in the grove were totally unaware of what was happening outside. After quite a while, Yun Luofeng pulled out all the silver needles from the man's body, carefully folded them in a handkerchief and raised her head. "Today's treatment is finished, and I will come here every two days until you recover."

Chen Yuqing put on his clothes, a gentle smile on his face, "OK, then I will wait for you in the Chen Family. By the way, when will you start to fight with the Heavenly Martial Pavilion?"

Yun Luofeng paused with the needles in her hand. "Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Chen Yuqing smiled, "Is there anything I can do to help?"


Putting away the silver needles, Yun Luofeng raised her head again, "It's getting late. I'll go back to take a rest. Besides, during the treatment, don't use spiritual energy, or else the consequences will be very serious."

No longer saying anything, she held Xiao Mo's hand and smiled, "Xiao Mo, now let's go home."

Go home? Xiao Mo curled his lips. Thinking of Lin Ruobai, he shuddered.

After leaving the Chen Family, he would go back to the God Code World to avoid meeting the little devil…


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