Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 585: The Past of Chen Yuqing (6)

"She wanted me to die with my parents! But At that time, I happened to leave the Chen Family to execute a task. The task was very important, so I didn't tell her about it! That was why I could escape from her trap!"

He was betrayed and suffered a great loss! In particular, the one who betrayed him was the one he trusted wholeheartedly!

Recalling his tragic past, Chen Yuqing lowered his eyes slightly and said coldly, "She could no longer poison me since she was driven out of the Chen Family! But there were already many toxins accumulated in my body! So, even though she is gone, the poison is still devouring my life!"

Of course, if Chen Yuqing hadn't found out about her plot, maybe he would have died a few years ago! Feeling sorry for him, Yun Luofeng gave him a sympathetic look.

Obviously seeing this, Chen Yuqing couldn't help laughing. "Why did you look at me like that? It's been so many years, and I've forgotten about her! A person who betrayed me is not worth remembering!"

Now he appreciated Yun Luofeng more than that woman. Because whatever Yun Luofeng wanted, she would take it with her own strength instead of snatching it from someone else.

No one could ignore this!

"I think I've figured out your poison! But I can tell you clearly that the poison the woman used is very rare! To be exact, it disappeared thousands of years ago! So, her background can't be simple."

No wonder Tian Ya couldn't detoxify Chen Yuqing. She would not be able to help him if she didn't have the Medical God's Code, because there was no record of this poisonous weed on the continent now! Where could she find the antidote?

"The poison is..." Chen Yuqing paused, frowning.

"This poison is made of Soul Devouring Grass and Dragon Heart, colorless, tasteless and very hard to detect! But I do have a way to detoxify it. I just want to remind you that the woman's background couldn't be simple."

She tried every means to get the Chen Family. Was it because she was attracted by something in the Chen Family? Anyway, what she wanted couldn't just be ownership of the Chen Family!

Chen Yuqing smiled helplessly, "Since she was expelled by me ten years ago, I haven't heard of her, so I don't know what her purpose was."

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips. Whatever purpose the woman had, it had nothing to do with her!

"I can start treating you now! No one should disturb us during the treatment!"

"I see," Chen Yuqing nodded slightly and spoke to the hidden guard standing off to the side, "Guard outside and stop anyone from entering the grove."

"Yes, Master!"

The hidden guard made an obeisance, quickly walked out and stood outside the grove like a mountain, blocking anyone of the Chen Family who wanted to enter hereā€¦

One advantage that the Chen Family had over other families was that it had a Physician Group! All powers would compete for every single member of the Physician Group! However, the Chen Family managed to solicit all of them.

At this time, in the courtyard of the Physician Group, Chen Tian was sitting in the room, holding a book in his hand with a frown.


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