Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 584: The Past of Chen Yuqing (5)


Looking anxious, Tang Yue got in the way of Yun Luofeng, "What did you do? Why does Master Chen want to meet you?"

Yun Luofeng frowned slightly, "Get out of the way!"

"Tell me first... "


Before she finished, Yun Luofeng lifted her leg, kicked her hard, and made her roll several feet away. Then, she flicked her sleeves and said, "Finally she's quiet. Let's go."

"Okay." Not expecting she would directly kick Tang Yue, the hidden guard was stunned but soon he came to his senses. "Miss Yun, this way please."

Thinking of Master's respectful attitude towards her, the hidden guard didn't dare show any disrespect. He made a gesture and led the way for Yun Luofeng.

From a distance, Yun Luofeng saw the man playing the zither under the cherry tree. With a few petals in his snow-white hair, he looked stunningly beautiful.

"You've come?"

Chen Yuqing, after seeing Yun Luofeng, stopped to play the zither and looked up at her with a smile on his handsome face.

Gazing at his immortal-like figure, Yun Luofeng gently raised his eyebrows, "Have you prepared the medicinal herbs I asked you to prepare?"

"Yes, but I have never told you what is wrong with my body, so how did you learn it so well?"

Chen Yuqing wanted to ask her about this before. It seemed that she didn't know much about Huangquan City, so Tian Ya probably didn't tell her about it.

"You were poisoned by a slow-acting poison! The poison is very special and can't be detoxified with common antidotes," Yun Luofeng stoked her chin gently, "so may I ask who poisoned you?"

The smile on Chen Yuqing's face faded away and was replaced by indifference.

When Yun Luofeng thought he would not answer, the man said softly, "It was... someone I saved!"

Recalling the past, he looked sad.

"In those days, she accidentally entered Huangquan City and was seriously injured. I passed by and saved her! At that time, she was sweet, innocent and honest! In particular, unlike other women, she always kept me at arm's length, which made me fall in love with her and she also accepted me.

"Unfortunately, the good times didn't last long. She offended a powerful enemy. To protect her, I almost sacrificed the entire Chen Family! Even my parents lost their lives in that battle!"

"But I didn't blame her. After all, she was innocent, and I was willing to do anything for her! Later, however, I found out that she had been poisoning my food with the purpose of taking over the Chen Family!"

"But I couldn't bear to hurt her after all. I just drove her out of Huangquan City. Since then, I've never heard of her."

For this woman, his parents lost their lives, and the Chen Family also nearly collapsed, but it turned out that he had saved a backbiting wolf!

"I didn't know until she left that she had been pretending to be innocent and honest before me, and she had been playing hard-to-get just to attract me! Of course, she didn't just want my trust! Even her 'enemy' who intruded into the Chen Family was directed by her! My parents lost their lives because she poisoned my parents' food and made them lose their spiritual energy so that they were as vulnerable as lambs before the intruders."

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