Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 581: The Past of Chen Yuqing (2)

"Yes, Master!" Seeing Chen Yuqing's solemn face, the hidden guard hurriedly made an obeisance and responded respectfully.

"Okay, you can leave now. Today she'll come to treat me. Wait for her at the door for me."

"Yes, Master!" The hidden guard made an obeisance again and left silently.

Gazing at the receding figure of the hidden guard, Chen Yuqing smiled, and his dark eyes were unfathomable. After quite a while, he rose to his feet, picked up the zither and walked out of the study.


The sound of the zither rang throughout the cherry grove.

Hiding at a short distance, Tang Yue obsessively gazed at Chen Yuqing's immortal-like perfect face, her eyes full of adoration. In addition to a perfect face, the man also had a noble position! If she could marry him, she would die without regret.


Tang Yue accidentally stepped on a branch on the ground and made a noise, which disturbed the man who was playing the zither! Though he had felt the existence of Tang Yue in the first place, he didn't pay much attention as servants often passed by there. Hearing the noise, he frowned and stopped his hands.

"Who is it?"

His voice was melodious and as clear as a rippling stream. Hearing his voice, Tang Yue felt her heart skip a beat.

Tang Yue bit her lips and walked out from behind the artificial hill. Concealing the obsessiveness in her eyes, she raised a sweet and innocent smile, "I am the new disciple of Elder Chen Tian. Just now I was attracted by your music and unconsciously walked here. If I disturbed you, I'll leave now."

She first introduced herself, telling him that she was not an outsider, and then she emphasized that what fascinated her was his music, not him! Finally, she politely said that she would leave if she had bothered him.

No man would want such a gentle woman to leave. Maybe he will invite me to sit down and play the zither together with him.

While Tang Yue was daydreaming, the man's gentle voice slowly rang, "Ok, then you can leave now."

Tang Yue's face turned stiff. What did he mean by that? Is he driving me away? Shouldn't he invite me to stay since I behaved so sensibly? Besides, there are very few women like me who still look so beautiful without makeup in the whole Huangquan City! Does he really have the heart to drive me away?

Suddenly, Tang Yue recalled the words that Chen Tian told her two days ago.


"Yue'er, remember that Master likes innocent and honest women. You have to give him such an impression! He is allergic to cosmetics, so he doesn't like women to wear makeup! Besides, if you manage to attract him, you will need to play hard-to-get! Only in this way, you can win his heart!"

"Master, why do you know it so well?"

"Because - a woman used to do this to him!"


Tang Yue took a deep breath and said, "Master Chen, if you want me to leave, I will leave! I was just attracted by your music. That's all! I'm not that kind of woman who likes to fawn upon the influential people! Besides, I didn't know you were the one who played the zither here."

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