Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 580: The Past of Chen Yuqing (1)

Looking at the girl's confident eyes, Chen Yuqing felt like he had been struck hard in the heart! And he, for almost a decade, had not felt this way! During his life, he had seen too many women, and most of them liked to attach themselves to men. Only this woman told him that she would get what she wanted with her own strength!

"I see." Chen Yuqing smiled mildly, "If you need my help, just go to the Chen Family to find me. In the Huangquan City, no one dares to disobey me."

Yun Luofeng looked at Chen Yuqing and nodded. "Only I can save your life. If I really need your help, I'll let you know! As for the Bi'an Mountain... I can go there with my own strength."

Chen Yuqing didn't say any more, a look of appreciation on his face. "I'll be waiting for you at the Chen Family in two days."

He took a final look at Yun Luofeng, turned around and walked outside the hall. Soon his banished immortal-like figure disappeared under the bright sunlight.


In the moonlit night.

In the Chen Family's estate, a man stood in the moonlight, his hands clasped behind his back and his white robe gently fluttering in the evening breeze.

"Go and find out all the information about Yun Luofeng and present it to me within two days!"

"Yes, Master."

In the darkness, a hidden guard respectfully made an obeisance and soon disappeared into the shadows of the night...

Even Chen Yuqing didn't understand why he was eager to know her past after seeing Yun Luofeng today! Maybe he wanted to know what had happened to the girl to make her so self-dependent!

The people of the Chen Family were very efficient. Just two days later, the hidden guard had handed over a report to Chen Yuqing.

Reading the report, Chen Yuqing frowned, and the gentle smile always on his face was gone.

"Her parents were murdered when she was only four, and her uncle was disabled by a strong enemy and had to hide in the darkness for ten years! Her grandfather went to the battlefield the same year. She stayed at home alone and suffered all kinds of hardships! Even her marriage engagement was annulled!"

"It's said that she changed after her grandfather returned home. She showed a strong medical talent and even founded a powerful army under the threat of the Imperial Family! Then she showed unimaginable talent! It's rumored that she had been hiding her talent all those years! Only after General Yun returned home did she begin to expose her real talent!"

It was hard to imagine how a four-year-old kid managed to get through the ten years. If she didn't hide her talent, she would have been killed on the continent where everybody was so ruthless and greedy! Of course, nobody knew that the former Yun Luofeng had died and the present person was a soul from the different world.

"Master, this is all the information about her," the hidden guard respectfully stood behind Chen Yuqing and said expressionlessly.

Chen Yuqing continued to read it and burst into laughter when he read that Yun Luofeng was said to force a woman into prostitution, coercing her maid to marry a guard.

"Forced a woman into prostitution... it seems that she really did."

She told him that she wanted to sell him to the Bamboo house! Was this forcing a man into prostitution?

"But I don't think a person like her would coerce her maid to marry a man. Find the source of the rumor."

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