Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 578: Is This... Your Son? (1)

"Master," Murong Bei was stunned and said with a frown, "If you have something to deal with, you can treat me later."

Pang Fei had told him the reason that the maid of the Chen Family came. Hearing that even the master of the Chen Family had come to invite her to treat him, Murong Bei was getting excited.

Maybe... Master could really cure him.


Yun Luofeng slowly turned around and said, "I'm going to meet the master of Chen Family."

Then she left without looking back and quickly disappeared from the sight of Murong Bei...


Just entering the hall, Yun Luofeng saw a man with his back facing the setting sun! The man's dazzling snow-white hair could not conceal his banished immortal-like air.

Hearing the sounds at the gate, the man slowly turned around and gazed at the girl stepping into the hall, his eyes as warm as sunshine.

"I've heard of you from Tian Ya," he smiled mildly, his smile picturesque and his eyes as clear as a spring, "But I knew more about you from your behavior in the auction house."

Yun Luofeng smiled lazily, "Do you want to avenge the Heavenly Martial Pavilion?"

"No," Chen Yuqing shook his head, "the law of the jungle is the rule of the Huangquan City! The Heavenly Martial Pavilion was trapped by you because they were too stupid. It's none of my business!"

"You came here to tell me this?" Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes, with a light flickering through her eyes.

Chen Yuqing was stunned and suddenly, he chuckled. His smile was so mesmerizing that nobody could resist his charm.

However, Yun Luofeng thought that Yun Xiao, that cool man, was more her cup of tea, for that man would only smile for her!

"I think you know my purpose." Chen Yuqing smiled, "My body has almost reached its limit, so I have to brazenly turn to you for help. As long as you agree to treat me, I can give you anything you want from me."

"Anything?" Yun Luofeng raised a wicked smile and asked mischievously.

Seeing her wicked expression, Chen Yuqing somehow smelled a rat but had to bite the bullet, "Yes, anything!"

"I've been short of money lately," said Yun Luofeng, an evil gleam in her narrowed eyes, "If I sell you to the Bamboo House, maybe I can get a good price."

Chen Yuqing's face suddenly froze, though he didn't know what the Bamboo House was, he could guess from Yun Luofeng's expression that it couldn't be a good place!

"Well..." Chen Yuqing coughed and said in embarrassment, "If you want money, I can give you any amount of money. But could you please… forget about the Bamboo House thing?"

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin and pondered, as if she was thinking about what she should ask for in return.

"Or..." Chen Yuqing gazed at the pondering Yun Luofeng, a gentle smile on his handsome face, "I don't mind giving myself to you."

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng finally came to her senses. She looked at Chen Yuqing up and down and curled her lips, "You are more beautiful than a woman. You are too feminine and too skinny! Your shoulders are not strong enough, your chest is too flat and you've got no abs! So...why should I accept you?"

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