Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 577: Chen Yuqing's Anger (2)

Chen Yuqing pursed his thin lips and indifferently looked at the maid whose face was bathed in tears. Hearing her sad accusation, he was expressionless, as if no one in this world could touch his heart!

"If you have any complaint about me, spit it now, for you won't have the chance any longer! Since you have served me for many years, I will spare your life! But I don't want to see you again!"

Ever since she went to the Big Dipper Gang without his approval, she would not be able to serve him any longer. He didn't need a subordinate who didn't obey his orders and made trouble for him!

Trembling, the maid knew what Chen Yuqing's words meant. They meant that she would never be able to see him again!

"Master! What wrong have I done? I did everything for you!" The beautiful maid bit her whitened lips tightly, "Am I wrong for being loyal to you?"

The man coldly glanced at her, "Being loyal is not wrong. What you did wrong was that you were so rude to Yun Luofeng!"

The beautiful maid's face slightly changed, she withdrew a few steps, and asked with trembling voice, "Master, did you send someone to follow me?"

"You left the Chen Family without my approval, and I just wanted to know what your purpose was." The man's tone was quite indifferent. "I didn't expect you would go to the Big Dipper Gang and speak to her like that! As a physician with real strength, she has her pride! How dare you coerce her? Who do you think you are?"

The maid was nearly paralyzed with fear, the cold sweat running down her pale face and soaking her back...

The man slowly turned around, turned his back to the maid, and coldly ordered, "Guards, take her away, and I don't want to see her again."

Immediately, two hidden guards fell down from the sky. When they were going to drag her out, she suddenly jumped to her feet and hit her head with her palm. Blood ran down her forehead and soon covered her face, making her look so ferocious.

She would rather die than leave him! She killed herself before his eyes and maybe he would remember her forever...

Unfortunately, from the beginning to the end, the man didn't look back at her. He just ordered indifferently, "Bury her."

"Yes, Master."

The two hidden guards, accustomed to the man's heartlessness, quickly dragged the maid's body out of the Chen Family and buried her in a random place.

Under the cherry tree, the pink petals slowly fell onto the man's shoulder.

He flicked off the petals on his shoulder as gracefully as an immortal.

"It seems that I need to go to the Big Dipper Gang myself..."

Like a banished immortal, he stood with his hands on his back and gazed up into the distant sky. Catching a glimpse of this picturesque scene, anyone would forget to breathe.


In the Big Dipper Gang, Yun Luofeng was just about to treat Murong Bei, and a hurried voice rang again, "Master, the master of the Chen Family, Chen Yuqing, has come and asked to see you!"

The maid of the Chen Family just left, and now even their master had come! No wonder the disciple who reported the news was so anxious, for he thought that Chen Yuqing came to seek revenge because Yun Luofeng had annoyed him!

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