Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 576: Chen Yuqing's Anger (1)

A dangerous light flickered across Yun Luofeng's slightly narrowed eyes.

"If he wants me to treat him, he must show me his sincerity. Otherwise, I will never treat him!"

Pang Fei gave a bitter smile, "The attitude of that maid of the Chen Family has shown that the Chen Family is not sincere!"

He didn't understand why the Chen Family would come to ask Yun Luofeng to treat their master! But today they had offended the Chen Family anyway.

"Her attitude doesn't represent the Chen Family's attitude! If she was really sent here by the master of the Chen Family, I'm afraid she wouldn't leave in dejection after I rejected her! Instead, she would turn the Big Dipper Gang upside down."

This was why Yun Luofeng was sure that the maid hadn't gained her master's approval and the master of the Chen Family probably wasn't aware of her actions!

Not fully understanding her words, Pang Fei still nodded his head and looked at Yun Luofeng adoringly though he despised her in the beginning...

She was so domineering when she confronted the maid of the Chen Family, which was worthy of his respect.


In the Chen Family, the cherry petals flew all over the yard, and a man was casually playing the zither under a cherry tree, his snow-white long hair fluttering in the breeze. The scene was as beautiful as a painting!

Standing still in the distance, with an infatuated look, the beautiful maid gazed at the man sitting under the cherry tree and couldn't help feeling aggrieved for him.

God was so unfair! Why did Master still have to suffer from a terminal illness after going through so much suffering? And the one who could save him would just fold her hands and watch him die!


The man stopped playing the zither and asked coldly, "Where did you go?"

The beautiful maid felt her heart skip a beat, and with a guilty look in her eyes said, "Master, I..."

"Did you go to the Big Dipper Gang?"

Finally, the man raised his head and looked at her. His eyes were not as gentle as usual, and the coldness in his eyes made the maid's heart tremble. She knelt down in front of the man.

"Master, forgive me, I did everything for you..."

"Meiqin, I thought you were a clever woman, so I allowed you to stay close to me for so long! But eventually you still disappointed me." The man slightly shook his head, his tone clearly disappointed.

"Master." The beautiful maid was in a panic and hurriedly defended herself, "Master, I did it for you. You don't have enough time, so I went to the Big Dipper Gang to ask her to treat you without telling you."

The man's eyes grew icier and his voice was so cold, "I know what I should do. What makes you believe that you, a maid, can make decisions for me? You've exceeded your duties and meddled in my affairs! This is unforgivable!"

"Master, please forgive me. I dare not do it again."

The maid hit her head hard against the ground, her beautiful face ghastly pale. However, looking at her almost self-destructive behavior, the man was totally unmoved and unsympathetic.

Of course, she didn't dream that Chen Yuqing would pity her! Though he always looked nice, his heart was colder than anyone else! Otherwise, he would not have gained his current status.

"Take her away."

The man moved his thin lips. Hearing his heartless words, the maid felt like fallen into the bottom of the hell, her body frozen with terror. She couldn't believe that she had been serving Master for so many years, and he just treated her like this for another woman!

"Master, do you really have a heart?" She wept with grief, her eyes filled with sadness, "Everyone says the master of Chen Family is a nice person, but only those who have stayed with you know that you are really a devil! You deceive everyone with your disguise!"

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