Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 573: I Can Cure You

"Yes, we came here for his edification."

The people laughed embarrassedly, and unconsciously they addressed Murong Bei as Deputy Master instead of Master.

To be honest, noticing the way they addressed him, Murong Bei did feel lost! But above all, they didn't irritate Yun Luofeng! Besides, he had straightened it out now. As long as the Big Dipper Gang could go back to where it had been, he wouldn't mind giving up the position!

Nothing was more important than giving his brothers a better life!

"Really?" With a faint smile, Yun Luofeng looked at the people in the secret chamber. "You are not squealing on me?"

On hearing this, these people were more embarrassed.

"How is that possible? We worship you! You are just like a goddess in our hearts!"

"Master, you must have us wrong. We would never do such a nasty thing!"

Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips. Not taking these people's words seriously, she just smiled, "I have something to talk about with Murong Bei. You can leave now."

"Yes, Master!" The crowd made an obeisance to her in succession and soon withdrew from the secret chamber. After a while, only Yun Luofeng and Murong Bei were left in the secret chamber.

Murong Bei was a little embarrassed and asked with a guilty look, "What do you want to talk about with me?"

"If I'm not wrong, you've been secretly plotted against since you became a sky-level spirit cultivator, and you'll feel a sharp pain every time you try to absorb spiritual qi, right?" Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, a wicked smile on her gorgeous face.

Murong Bei's face greatly changed and asked her in fright, "How... how do you know this?"

Over the years, he didn't even tell it to the people he trusted most in case his brothers would panic! Where did she learn this?

"For a physician, no illness can escape her eyes." Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips and glanced at Murong Bei.

Murong Bei tried to calm down and said with a wry smile, "Master, can you keep it secret for me? I don't want others to know about it."

"You've been hiding it from them for years, and now it won't be long until they find out about it," Yun Luofeng paused and continued, "but I can cure you."

"What?" Murong Bei froze for a moment, a hopeful gleam flashing through his eyes.

During these years, he had secretly visited a lot of physicians, and to seek medical treatment he even left Huangquan City several times! But in the end, no one could cure him!

Now Yun Luofeng told him that she could cure him? So he would not be stuck in the sky-level realm forever? Murong Bei was excited, but he knew that Yun Luofeng would not easily help him! After a brief period of excitement, he calmed down again.

"Tell me, what do you want in return?" He was ready to accept whatever conditions Yun Luofeng would raise!

Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin and glanced at him wickedly, "You seem to have nothing that I need."

Murong Bei turned pale, "Master, since you told me you could save me, I guess you may agree to save me! Just tell me what you want, and I will give whatever I have to you!"

"You really don't have anything I want, but..." Yun Luofeng slightly narrowed her eyes, "your loyalty has some value! If you agree to pledge your loyalty to me, I will cure you!"

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