Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 570: Proud Tang Yue (1)

Chen Tian thought for a while and said, "Take me to see Yue'er. If you don't mind, I'll accept her as my disciple today."

"Master Chen Tian, of course I won't mind. This way, please." The obsequious smile on Tang Ran's face spread, and he respectfully made a gesture to Chen Tian, leading the way for him.

In the quiet inner hall, Tang Yue was sitting beside the bed and looked at the pale face of Tang Tianyu with a worried look, her eyes filled with guilt.

"I'm sorry, Tianyu. You wouldn't have been injured if it hadn't been for me." Tang Yue pursed her red lips, "Don't worry. I will avenge you and bring you the arm of Yun Luofeng!"

As if hearing Tang Yue's words, the man lying in bed frowned, but soon his faced turned calm again, his eyes closed with a painful look on his face.


Suddenly, an old voice came from the outer hall, "Master Chen Tian came to take you as his disciple. Come on, come out to welcome him."

Tang Yue was very excited and quickly stood up. At this time, Tang Ran led Chen Tian in.

Looking at Chen Tian, Tang Yue moved her lips and called, "Master Chen Tian."

"Silly girl, what are you waiting for? Make an obeisance to your Master!" Tang Ran winked at Tang Yue and smiled joyfully.

Tang Yue suppressed the excitement and joy in her heart, walked to Chen Tian and respectfully made an obeisance, "Master."

"Haha," Chen Tian laughed out loud, "Good, you are really a good girl! Yue'er, are you willing to learn medical skills from me from now on?"

Tang Yue smiled, "It's my honor to serve as your disciple. How would I ungratefully refuse your kindness?"

Although Tang Yue was arrogant and capricious, her attitude towards people would vary with the person's social status. Before the people of the Chen Family, she would only show her best side. Sure enough, her sweet words had pleased Chen Tian, and the smile on his face grew bigger.

"Yue'er, I heard that you want to become the mistress of our family?"

Not knowing how to answer his question, Tang Yue paused and turned her eyes to Tang Ran for help.

Not expecting that Chen Tian would directly ask Tang Yue this question, Tang Ran also frowned. A look of anxiety appeared in his eyes as he was worried that Tang Yue would give Chen Tian a wrong answer.

"Master," Tang Yue tried to calm down and turned her eyes to Chen Tian again, "It's not that I want to become the mistress of the Chen Family." She paused and continued, "I just happen to love Chen Yuqing! That's all!"

She meant that she loved Chen Yuqing the person, not his social status!

After all, Tang Yue grew up in the Heavenly Martial Pavilion, how could she really be stupid? She certainly knew which answer was best for her! In fact, she would never want to marry Chen Yuqing if he were not the master of the Chen Family! How could a man be worthy of her if he didn't have enough power? She wouldn't give a sh*t about how handsome he was!

"Haha!" Believing Tang Yue's words, Chen Tian laughed heartily. Obviously, her words had pleased him. "Yue'er is really different from those shameless b*tches! Only you will love Master the person, not his social status! If you can stay true to your original self, I believe one day Master will be moved by you!"

He smiled heartily. If his disciple could become the mistress of his family, it would also bring great benefits to him. So he would not stop Tang Yue from courting Chen Yuqing. Instead, he would encourage her to do so.

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