Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 569: Blow His Own Trumpet

"My grandson's arm was severed when he was trying to protect Yue'er!" Tang Ran said angrily.

In the beginning, Chen Tian felt nothing about the destruction of the Tian Family. After all, the law of the jungle was the truth! More importantly, it didn't happen to him. But now, hearing that Yun Luofeng had attacked Tang Yue, he frowned.

How dare she bully Tang Yue, who was going to be his disciple? Wasn't it like a smack in his face?

Looking at Chen Tian's sullen face, Tang Ran rolled his eyes and said, "Master Chen Tian, I also heard that Yun Luofeng wanted to seduce Master Chen! She even claimed that in this world, only she was good enough for Master Chen!"

"Hum!" Chen Tian snorted with contempt and coldly glanced at Tang Ran, "Really?"

"I swear every word I said is true!" Tang Ran said, holding up his fingers to swear, "If I tell lies, may I be struck by lightning! Besides, I dare not lie to you, Master Chen Tian!" When he was speaking this last sentence, he put on an extremely obsequious smile, as if he couldn't wait to kiss Chen Tian's ass.

"If what you said is true, the woman really thinks too highly of herself! How noble our Master is! She doesn't deserve him! Besides..." he paused and sneered, "Master has a morbid fear of dirtiness. This woman, who would sell her body for money and power, is just as disgusting as a fly, and Master will not take a second look at her!"

Over the years, Master had rejected all the women who courted him, because he disliked the smell of their cosmetics. That smell was totally unacceptable for someone who morbidly feared dirtiness!

"Exactly! Yun Luofeng is as disgusting as a fly! And I've also heard that she has slept with a lot of men. How can a shameless woman like her be compared with my innocent Yue'er? Master Chen Tian, don't you think so?"

Understanding what Tang Ran implied, Chen Tian frowned, "Master doesn't like women to get close to him, so don't thrust this idea into Yue'er's mind. If she annoys Master, I can't save her! But I can give you a hint that Master doesn't like women with heavy makeup!"

"Thank you for reminding me, Master Chen Tian. I'll remind Yue'er of that." An impalpable gleam flickered through Tang Ran's eyes and he continued, "Yue'er is not Yun Luofeng who would throw herself on any man! Yue'er will be very faithful to her lover. She will never betray him once she has chosen him, no matter whether the man is poor or rich. I can assure you that there are very few women as faithful as Yue'er in this world."

To establish an intimate relationship with the Chen Family, Tang Ran tried his best to commend Tang Yue, blowing his own trumpet and at the same time, insult Yun Luofeng with the most malicious words. As long as Chen Tian came to dislike Yun Luofeng, she would never be able to step into the door of the Chen Family!

Chen Tian nodded slightly, "Yue'er is a good girl. Except for her bad temper, she is almost perfect! It would be great if Master could accept her, but I can't help her in this and she'll have to win Master's love by herself!"

"We are so flattered."

Tang Ran broke into a radiant smile, totally forgetting the loss the Heavenly Martial Pavilion had suffered today...


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