Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 568: Auction (10)

The auction house was very efficient. Not long after that, a maid had delivered the items to the winning bidders! The money for the tree seed was deducted from Tang Lin's money.

"Let's go," Yun Luofeng stood up and walked towards the door. "Let's go back and prepare for the war with the Heavenly Martial Pavilion."

This battle was inevitable.

Even without Tianyu, she would still have a fight with the Heavenly Martial Pavilion! She had to make the Big Dipper Gang rank among the top 10 powers and then she would have the opportunity to go to Bi'an Mountain!

However, Yun Luofeng didn't know that because of her behavior at the auction house, the Heavenly Martial Pavilion went through a storm.


Tang Ran punched hard on the table, his face purple with rage, "Very good, Yun Luofeng! You took Tianyu's arm first and then had Tang Lin's leg disabled. I will make you pay for these!"

At this point, a laughing sound came from the outside. "Tang Ran, what makes you so angry?" Hearing the aloof voice, Tang Ran soon calmed down.

Looking at the old man who slowly stepped in, Tang Lin forced a smile and hurriedly came forward to greet him, "Master Chen Tian, nothing is wrong. It's just a woman who was so stupid as to mess with the Heavenly Martial Pavilion."

"Oh?" Chen Tian didn't ask much. He raised the corners of his lips and asked with a smile, "Where is Tang Yue? I came here to see her. Can you call her out to meet me?"

"Well..." Tang Ran hesitated.

Looking at his expression, Chen Tian changed his face, "What? You don't want me to take Tang Yue as a disciple?"

Tang Yue was talented in medicine! He would take any person who was talented in medicine as his disciple. So he already had hundreds of disciples!

"No," Tang Ran hastened to explain, "It's my grandson. He came to the Heavenly Martial Pavilion for shelter, but I failed to protect him, and he had his arm ripped off by someone. Now Yue'er is taking care of him."

As Chen Tian didn't go to the auction, and the auction was just over, he didn't know exactly what happened at the auction.

"Your Heavenly Martial Pavilion ranks tenth in Huangquan City. Who dared to injure your grandson?" Chen Tian asked indifferently.

Tang Ran gave a bitter smile, "It's the new master of the Big Dipper Gang! She forced a woman into prostitution, coercing a woman of my grandson's family to marry her guard, so my grandson's family stood against her! And she just killed the whole family."

The law of the jungle was the truth of the world, so Chen Tian's face didn't change.

Those people were weaker than Yun Luofeng! They deserved it!

Tang Ran knew Chen Tian well, so he paused and went on, "This Yun Luofeng came to Huangquan City recently and seduced the master of the Big Dipper Gang, Murong Bei, to give the Big Dipper Gang to her! Yue'er disdained her behavior and said something against her, but she just ordered her disciple to attack Yue'er..."

Lin Ruobai did attack Tang Yue, but it wasn't Yun Luofeng's order! However, it was true that she attacked her, so Tang Ran dared to call white black.

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