Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 567: Auction (9)

"Sorry," the young auctioneer said coldly, "I can't accept your request! Now I'll give you two choices, one is to take out one point three billion taels of silver now, and the other is to break a leg of yours and leave here as soon as possible!"

With a frightened look in his eyes, Tang Lin could not help retreating. The chair behind him was knocked over by him and made a noise.

"Could you please bend the rules?" he begged, biting his lip tightly.

The young auctioneer frowned and grew impatient. Without any expression, he ordered coldly, "Guards, drag this malicious bidder out, break one of his legs, and throw him out of Huangquan City!"

Soon two grey-robed old men walked out of the darkness, and without saying a word they came up to catch Tang Lin and dragged him out of the door.

Dragged by the two masters, Tang Lin cursed shrilly, "Yun Luofeng, you vicious woman. How dare you trick me like this! You'll not have a good end! Ahhh!"

A shrill cry rang throughout the auction house and made all the people's hair stand on end. They all looked at Yun Luofeng with a scared look.

"Now that the malicious bidder has been cleared away, the bidding for the medical book will continue," said the young auctioneer, clearing his throat.

The eyes of all the people present, who thought they wouldn't have the luck to obtain the medical book, lit up and they started bidding.

In the luxurious box, instead of joining in the bidding, Chen Yuqing still looked on the auction downstairs.

The beautiful maid pondered and asked," Master, didn't you say you wanted to buy the medical book and gift it to her? Why are you not taking any action now?"

Chen Yuqing raised a faint smile, "Because I found out that she seems to have no interest in this medical book! If I want to please her, I'll have to find another way."

Seeing that Chen Yuqing cared so much for Yun Luofeng, the beautiful maid felt quite jealous of Yun Luofeng, but she managed to conceal her inner feelings, her beautiful face still calm and aloof.

"Let's go. This auction is boring. It would be better to go back and play the zither."

Chen Yuqing stood up from the soft couch, flicked his white robe and walked gracefully toward the door.


At the auction hall, as if noticing something, Yun Luofeng looked up to the second floor, and she vaguely caught a glimpse of some snow-white long hair.

Lin Ruobai noticed something strange, turned her head to Yun Luofeng and asked curiously, "Master, what's the matter?"


Yun Luofeng shook her head and asked in a low voice, "Who can stay on the second floor?"

Hearing her question, a disciple of the Big Dipper Gang answered, "There are three boxes on the second floor, which are respectively occupied by the top three powers in the Huangquan City."

"Which one is in the rightmost one?"

"The Chen Family!"

The Chen Family?

Yun Luofeng slightly frowned. The white figure that had just left was very powerful...

She couldn't tell how powerful he was!

"There are so many unknown powers in the Huangquan City."

After quite a while, Yun Luofeng uttered a sigh. If she wanted to gain a foothold on this continent, she still had a long way to go...

"One billion taels? One billion taels once! One billion taels twice! One billion taels three times! Okay, deal closed!" The young auctioneer knocked his hammer heavily and smiled, "Today's auction is over. Everyone can leave now! Bid winners, please wait a moment, and we will have your items delivered to you soon!"


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