Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 564: Auction (6)

Even if they couldn't work out a way to treat Chen Yuqing, they could still gift it to the physician of the Chen Family who wanted to take Tang Yue as his disciple. Anyway, as long as they could establish a relationship with the Chen Family, the Heavenly Martial Pavilion's position in the Huangquan City would be secured.

"Master," Lin Ruobai's eyes shone with delight, "Tian Ya would be very fond of this medical book. I owe Tian Ya a favor. May I buy it and give it to him as a gift?"

Although Tian Ya didn't cure her, he came all the way to the Spirit God Mountains to save her, so she still bore this kindness in mind. Now there was a way for her to repay him, she would not give it up.

As for Yun Luofeng...

In Lin Ruobai's mind, Yun Luofeng's medical skill was no worse than Jueqian's, so this medical book was not that useful for Yun Luofeng!

Yun Luofeng paused and said, "For your sake, I can instruct Tian Ya in medical skill. This medical book is not necessary."

She had the Medical God's Code, with which no medical book in the world could be compared. After she mastered all the contents of the Medical God's Code, she would be able to revive the dead, let alone the dying!

Lin Ruobai's eyes grew brighter, with a big smile on her face, "Master, you are the best master in the world."

Indeed, Yun Luofeng's instructions would be more useful than any medical book. If Tian Ya learned about this, he would be on cloud nine!

"Humph!" Tang Lin snorted and glanced at Yun Luofeng with disdain, "Ridiculous! How can you compare yourself with Jueqian? Are you stupid or is it just because you don't even know who Jueqian is?"

After saying this, he turned to the young auctioneer, and shouted out loud, "Eighty million taels!"

Seeing that someone was bidding, the others all joined the competition.

"A hundred million taels!"

"One hundred and forty million taels!"

As the medical book was so important, the number of bidders kept increasing, and the bidding price quickly rose from the initial eighty million taels to five hundred million taels!

In the box, Chen Yuqing was elegantly sipping his tea, not affected by the clamor downstairs at all.

However, a beautiful maid standing behind him couldn't help but ask, "Master, shall we take this medical book?"

Once the Chen Family joined the bidding, the other families would not have any chance!

Chen Yuqing's fingers gently tapped the table, and a thoughtful look flickered across his face, " Do you think Yun Luofeng would be interested in medical books as a physician?"

The beautiful maid paused and asked hesitantly, "Master, you mean..."

"Will she owe me a favor if I buy this book and gift it to her? Then maybe she won't refuse me if I ask her to treat me."

With an amiable smile on his handsome face, he was lazily leaning against the soft couch, his long snow-white hair casually scattered over the soft couch and his eyes shining with an unfathomable gleam.

The beautiful maid wondered why Master wanted to please a woman! She had long been trusted by Chen Yuqing, so she directly asked him about it.

"Master, the Chen Family already has a lot of physicians. Why do you want to buy the medical book and gift it to her? Besides, why would she refuse if you ask her for treatment? There are too many people who are trying to please the Chen Family. Who would give up such a chance?"


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