Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 562: Auction (4)

"Haha, didn't you hear what Tang Lin said just now? He is already timid but is reluctant to admit it! If I were him, I would bet on it, because I wouldn't lose anyway!"

When Tang Lin heard the sounds of the gloating discussions, his face changed again. But he had no way to back down now! No one in the Huangquan City knew better than him what it would mean if he was too timid to accept the bet. It would mean that from now on, for a long time, the Heavenly Martial Pavilion would have to tolerate people's taunts!

Therefore, to preserve the honor of the Heavenly Martial Pavilion, Tang Lin clenched his teeth and said firmly, "It's just a bet. When did you see that I was afraid? Okay! I accept your bet! But if you can't take out sixty million taels now, you must break your leg and never enter Huangquan City again!"

Yun Luofeng smiled and looked away. She reached into her sleeve, took out a few checks, and handed them to Lin Ruobai. "There are six checks, each with the face value of 10 million taels. Ask the auctioneer to check their authenticity now."

Tang Lin's face turned stiff, his eyes filled with shock.

This is impossible!

Did Murong Bei really give the woman all his properties? Was he really that stupid? If I had known this, I would have pushed the bidding price higher! Once the bidding price exceeded 70 million taels, she would not be able to afford it since Murong Bei didn't have that much money!

Tang Lin was somewhat chagrined. He didn't expect that Murong Bei, who had always been shrewd, would be so stupid.

The young auctioneer took the checks from Lin Ruobai, examined and returned them to her, and then his clear voice rang through the auction house.

"Yes, it's 60 million taels. Tang Lin, you should keep your promise and pay for the lady."


Hearing the young auctioneer's voice, Tang Lin stumbled and fell heavily into a chair. His face was filled with despair.

God! This time I am finished! Not only did I waste 60 million taels, but I also gave it as a gift to the enemy of the Heavenly Martial Pavilion. If Master learns of this, he will not go easy on me!

Thinking of what he would face after coming back to the Heavenly Martial Pavilion, Tang Lin turned pale, his face filled with sorrow...

"Ladies and gentlemen, now that the little farce is over, let's continue with the auction. Now we are going to auction off a spiritual beast called the Cangshan Mountain Snow Wolf, with the starting price of ten million taels. The highest bidder will keep it."


As the young auctioneer's hammer fell down, the auction continued...

At this moment, in a luxurious box upstairs, a man was sitting on a soft couch. Holding a cup of tea, he was sipping the tea gracefully…

His amiable face was as pure and sweet as a heavenly spring, radiating a warm glow.

His hair was as white as snow, breathtakingly beautiful.

He was so charming that it seemed that nothing in the world could overshadow him. Even though he just sat there, he looked as beautiful as a painting.

"The girl... is to my taste." The man raised the corners of his lips and gave a stunningly beautiful smile, "No wonder Tian Ya recommended her to me."

Hearing his words, Elder Yan, who was waiting off to the side, immediately said respectfully, "Master Chen, since you appreciate her so much, may I invite her to come here?"

"Not now."

The man smiled mildly, his slender fingers sliding along the edge of the teacup, but then he frowned as he saw there was a tiny bug in the teacup.


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