Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 561: Auction (3)

Clenching his teeth, Tang Lin said harshly, "You just have no idea how tricky this woman is! As long as you give her enough time, she will come up with an excuse to not pay. I suggest you ask her to show you the sixty million taels now, or else you might be deceived by her!"

This woman would not be able to take out sixty million taels! Tang Lin raised a smug smile. This was the retaliation for her not putting the Heavenly Martial Pavilion in her eyes!

The smile on the young auctioneer's face disappeared, and he asked coldly, "So Master Tang Lin doesn't believe our auction house?"

"No, it's not that I don't believe in the Shengtian Auction House. I just don't want you to be deceived... "

He knew that it would not be good for the Heavenly Martial Pavilion to offend the Shengtian Auction House, but he didn't want to let such a good opportunity pass!

This time, not giving the young auctioneer a chance to speak, Tang Lin turned his face to Yun Luofeng and smiled sarcastically. "Yun Luofeng, let me guess, how much money did Murong Bei give to you? But no matter how much money he gave to you, it can't be as much as sixty million taels! Since you don't have that much money, why did you still bid that price? Are you courting death?"

Then Tang Lin paused and continued, "Now, in the Shengtian Auction House, I will show everyone how ugly your real face is!"

Hearing Tang Lin's pushy words, Yun Luofeng was still at ease. She took the teacup from Lin Ruobai and casually took a sip of it, her dark eyes unfathomable.

"Yun Luofeng!" Seeing her indifferent attitude, Tang Lin was almost overwhelmed with rage. "If you can't take out sixty million taels, just get out of here as soon as possible!"

Yun Luofeng put down the teacup, raised her eyebrows and looked at the middle-aged man with a faint smile. "What if I can take out sixty million taels?"

"Haha, "Tang Lin sneered, "you mean Murong Bei gave you all his property? Do you think I would believe that?"

Yun Luofeng shrugged, "How about this? If I can take out sixty million taels, you will pay for the tree seed for me, alright?"

Tang Lin's facial slightly changed. He had known that Yun Luofeng was quite cunning, or else the Tian Family would not be destroyed by her! Now that she said this, did she really have sixty million taels in her hand? Thinking this, Tang Lin paused, a hesitant look in his eyes.

"What? Are you afraid?" Lin Ruobai caught this opportunity and stood up at once, her hands on her hips and her chin raised, and looked down at Tang Lin. "Didn't you say you were sure that my master couldn't take out sixty million taels? Now that my master wanted to make a bet with you, are you afraid?"

Tang Lin turned pale. Feeling the mocking stares at him, he hurriedly defended himself, "Who said I was afraid? I'm not afraid of anything. Would I be afraid of two little girls?"

"Why don't you bet on it, since you're not afraid?" Lin Ruobai asked aggressively.

Tang Lin moved his lips, but his throat was so dry that he couldn't utter a word. Until now he didn't realize that he had been unconsciously trapped!

"The people of the Heavenly Martial Pavilion dare not bet? Are they really afraid?"

"I think so. It seems that the people of the Heavenly Martial Pavilion have been intimidated by the new master of the Big Dipper Gang! Otherwise, they would not be so timid!"


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