Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 559: Auction (1)

"Hahaha!" Tang Ran laughed. He patted Tang Yue on the shoulder and said sincerely, "Yes, you're right. How can a filthy woman like her be compared to my chaste granddaughter? Yue'er, I'm very confident in you. Don't let me down!"

Tang Yue gave a faint smile and lowered her eyelids to conceal the grim gleam in her eyes. She had to make Chen Yuqing, the man whose charm exceeded all the women of Huangquan City, her own!


Generally speaking, in an auction, the items auctioned earliest were usually ordinary ones, but the later the item was auctioned, the more precious it would be. At this point, as the auctioneer's hammer fell down, another item was sold.

"Everybody, now we're going to auction off a tree seed!"

With a gentle smile, the young auctioneer lifted the red cloth off the pallet, and his clear voice rang throughout the auction house.

"Honestly, I don't know what the tree is, but since it was taken from the deepest part of Bi'an Mountain, perhaps there will be a miracle if the tree seed can germinate!"

The auctioneer's voice was so tempting, as if having a magical power in it. However, when the crowd saw the tree seed in the pallet, their excited hearts calmed down. If it was only a tree seed, maybe they would take the risk to buy it, but this tree seed had obviously withered, as if being burned by fire. Even a god would not be able to make it germinate.

Only a fool would buy such a withered tree seed.

As if not noticing the people's eyes, the young auctioneer continued to say with a smile, "The starting price is 10 million taels of silver! Start bidding now!"

At once, everyone was whispering to each other, and no one made a bid. Just when the crowd thought that no one was going to bid for it, a clear voice came from among the crowd.

"Ten million taels."

Lin Ruobai raised her hand and in embarrassment called out the starting price of the item. However, after that, Lin Ruobai withdrew her hand, turned her eyes to Yun Luofeng and curled her lips, "Master, I don't think this tree seed will have any use. Why do you want to buy it?"

Yun Luofeng crossed her legs, her arms lazily resting on the back of her chair, with an unfathomable smile in her eyes.

"The tree seed has a nice shape. It can make a perfect necklace for my Milk Tea."

Lin Ruobai's mouth twitched. So Master wanted to buy it because she wanted to make a necklace for Milk Tea with it? But it would cost 10 million taels!

At the moment Lin Ruobai just wanted to exclaim, Master, you are so rich and willful!

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, the other people shook their heads and secretly sighed. Being inherited by such a person, the Big Dipper Gang was going to disappear.

Even the disciples of the Big Dipper Gang were a little bit embarrassed and blamed Yun Luofeng in their minds! She was really a wastrel! How could she waste money like this? It was none of their business if she was wasting her own money, but the wealth of the Big Dipper Gang was earned by the old master with hard work!

After all, in their eyes, it was impossible that Yun Luofeng, an ordinary girl, could have 10 million taels! She must have stolen the money from the old master!

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