Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 558: Chen Yuqing (2)

Tang Ran looked expressionlessly at Tang Tianyu who was groaning in bed and clenched his hands. Even if he didn't like this grandchild before, this child was his daughter's only offspring left after she was murdered! How could he not be angry seeing that he was seriously injured like this?

"Yun Luofeng!" A killing intent flickered through his eyes, "I'll cut you into pieces to avenge my grandson!"

"Grandfather, cousin..." Tang Yue moved her lips, a guilty look in her eyes. If it weren't for protecting her, Tang Tianyu would not have suffered such a serious injury.

"I can't make his arm regrow, but I can connect another person's arm onto Tianyu's body!" Tang Ran slightly narrowed his eyes. "Since it was Yun Luofeng who injured him, she should give Tianyu her arm!"

Tang Yue was quite glad to hear this. As long as Grandfather was willing to help her, Yun Luofeng would no longer be a threat to her.

"By the way, Yue'er," as if something occurred to Tang Ran, he turned his head to Tang Yue, "a physician from the Chen Family appreciates your medical accomplishments and wants to accept you as a disciple."

"The Chen Family?" Tang Yue was stunned and then, a surge of joy swept through her, "Are you talking about that Chen Family, the number one family in Huangquan City?"

In addition to being powerful, the Chen Family also had a striking feature. Chen Yuqing, Master of the Chen Family, was the most handsome man in Huangquan City! Chen Yuqing was not only extremely handsome, but also gentle and kind to people, and he was the dream lover of most of the women in Huangquan City!

However, over the years, Chen Yuqing had stayed single, which aroused people's curiosity about his sexual orientation.

Or... was it because no woman in this world could attract him?

"Yue'er," Tang Ran put his hand onto Tang Yue's shoulder and said to her seriously, "there is one thing you must remember! If you can become a disciple of that physician of the Chen Family, you must try to attract Chen Yuqing!"

"In the face of Chen Yuqing, you should not be arrogant or capricious but be considerate!" Tang Ran's eyes shone with a bright light. "As long as you can become the Mistress of the Chen Family, the status of the Heavenly Martial Pavilion will be greatly improved, and even the Shengtian Auction House will have to grovel at our feet!"

And this was the price that Elder Yan would have to pay for being partial to Yun Luofeng!

Tang Yue's eyes were twinkling with pride, and her face was full of confidence, "Grandfather, don't you believe in the charm of your granddaughter? Chen Yuqing is a man, and no man doesn't love beautiful women! Those women who tried to attract Chen Yuqing are simply not as good-looking as me, so they all failed! But, I will succeed!"

Tang Ran finally showed a long-lost smile. "Of course, my granddaughter is very beautiful, but Yun Luofeng is also in Huangquan City right now, and I heard that she is the most beautiful woman in the world! I'm afraid she wants to marry Chen Yuqing too. After all, every woman loves glory, wealth, and rank.

"Grandfather," Tang Yue curled her lips with disdain, "Chen Yuqing wouldn't be so silly. How could Chen Yuqing possibly accept a woman who easily threw herself at other men as his wife? This dirty woman can't be compared with me."

That woman, even though stunningly beautiful, was not worthy to be her opponent.


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