Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 554: Clothed in White Like an Immortal

"Yun Luofeng..." the man's voice was melodic and pleasant, similar to a breeze brushing over the listener's heart.

When the man slightly lifted his head, all of the cherry blossoms in the courtyard lost their colors due to his appearance. He was so beautiful that it made people forget to breathe, as though he was the most striking color in the world.

"Tian Ya sent a letter not long ago that mentioned this name and also said that this girl is the only one who can cure me."

He faintly smiled. That smile blossomed under the cherry blossom tree, so gorgeous that it made people unable to look away.

The alluring woman foolishly looked at the man, her face lightly tinged red. Although she had dwelled beside Master for many years, she still could not overlook his beauty. Perhaps there was no one more beautiful than Master in this world!

"Master, should this subordinate invite her to come to the Chen[1] Estate?" the beautiful woman asked while deferentially cupping her fists after she recovered her wits with difficulty.

"No need," the man shook his head, "I need to observe for a while first. Jun Hua, I will attend the auction in a few days' time. Go prepare for it."

"Yes, Master," the alluring woman respectfully responded, but there was a trace of pity in her eyes.

After Old Master and Mistress were killed those years ago, Master's hair turned white overnight, but he still needed to take charge of the entire Chen Family! If it were not for Master, the Chen Family would have already been devoured by those wolves long ago.

Unfortunately, the good did not live long, and Master was afflicted with an incurable illness. All the famous doctors they visited could not treat it. Now that there was an opportunity like this, he would not easily give it up!


The auction was the biggest business event in Huangquan City, and the day that it was held was unprecedentedly lively! Nearly every clan would send someone to attend. For fairness, the auction seated every clan according to their rank. So, as the new leader of the Big Dipper Gang, Yun Luofeng coincidentally encountered the tenth-ranked Heavenly Martial Pavilion at the auction.

Tian Yu immediately caught sight of Yun Luofeng, who was seated in the section for the Big Dipper Gang, and his features darkened. "I didn't expect to see you here!"

The corner of Yun Luofeng's lips raised as she sarcastically retorted, "Same to you."

No wonder Tian Yi said she would not be able to find Tian Yu. It turned out he actually came to a place like Huangquan City! If she did not step inside Huangquan City, she would not have expected Tian Yu to be here.

"Cousin[2] Tianyu, who is she?" a lovely voice was heard from beside Tian Yu. Then, a young girl dressed in a light yellow long dress was seen slowly walking over, her disdainful gaze sweeping past the seated Yun Luofeng.

Tian Yu's face darkened slightly. "She is Yun Luofeng, the one who our Heavenly Martial Pavilion has been looking for."

"Yun Luofeng?" The girl in a yellow dress was slightly shocked, but she quickly covered her mouth and started to giggle. "So you are the Yun Luofeng who forced an honest girl into prostitution! I heard that you are extremely vicious. You also have a fiancé already, but you still go and seduce other men! Not only that but after seducing other men, you continue to pester your fiancé nonstop and don't permit other women to approach him."

The girl paused briefly and the mockery in her smile deepened. "How does someone like you have the nerve to continue living? If I were you, I would have already killed myself with a slam to my head."

Of course, these words were implanted into her by Tian Yu during this period of time. She did not clearly investigate whether it was the truth or not herself because she did not think Tian Yu had the guts to deceive her.

Lin Ruobai abruptly stood up and her arms were placed on her hips as she angrily glared at the yellow-dressed girl. "Are you talking about yourself? I can tell you're a slut just by your looks. Tell me the truth, is Tian Yu unable to satisfy your appetite?"

[1] Chen (沉) means heavy or deep.

[2] Older male cousin


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