Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 553: Rumors Springing up Everywhere

The middle-aged man grew limp. He did not know whether his decision was good or bad! He only hoped that this girl would not destroy the entire Big Dipper Gang...

It was not until the man reminisced about the scene today many years later that he realized how lucky he was! If it were not for this girl's forceful behavior, his Big Dipper Gang would continue to be a mediocre existence inside Huangquan City and would not become the formidable force that unified Huangquan City in the future!


In Huangquan City, some idle conversation topics pop up almost every day, like the eradication of so-and-so faction or the abrupt emergence of this-and-that new faction. No one was a stranger to it. However, there was a piece of news that shook the entire Huangquan City today. It was said that the Big Dipper Gang switched leaders, and the one who took over the Big Dipper Gang was a young lady...

Many people made guesses about the relationship between this girl and the leader of the Big Dipper Gang, Murong Bei[1]. Why did Murong Bei entrust her with the Big Dipper Gang?

Could it be that she was his illegitimate daughter? Or his lover? Otherwise, Murong Bei would not easily hand his gang over to a strange woman! Of course, more people believed in the lover explanation. This was because those who had seen the girl said that she was devastatingly beautiful. Even the most beautiful woman in Huangquan City could not compare.

No! It should be said that the difference between the two was day and night!

Murong Bei could not produce such a beautiful daughter, so they reckoned that the girl used her beauty to seduce Murong Bei, causing him to hand his gang over to her while dazed...

At this time, in the middle of the lobby in Heavenly Martial Pavilion, Tang Ran listened to the reports from his subordinate, and contemplation flashed through his features. "The Big Dipper Gang was transferred to a young lady? Do you know the background of this girl?"

"Reporting to Master, this subordinate already sent someone to inquire about that girl, but there isn't any accurate information yet."

Tang Ran was silent for a moment before saying, "Let's ignore the matter about the Big Dipper Gang first. No matter what, this Big Dipper Gang can't cause any trouble! We should prepare for our upcoming grand auction! I must attain one of the items in it. Let Tianyu bring some people with him and head there at that time. It will let me assess his abilities too!"

"Yes, Master."

The guard cupped his fists and silently retreated.

He stared in the direction that the guard disappeared to, his features dark. "Big Dipper Gang? A girl in her teens? It looks like this Big Dipper Gang is truly growing weaker and weaker... Perhaps won't be long before they disappear in the course of history."

While Tang Ran sent people to scout for news about Yun Luofeng, all of the factions inside Huangquan City secretly observed the Big Dipper Gang! After all, this gang was once glorious several decades ago and only declined after the death of its previous leader. Now, their position in Huangquan City has also plunged, descending to the eleventh rank...


Inside a picturesque estate, a man sat under the peach blossoms and played the zither with his bare hands. His long, snow-white hair danced in the wind, setting off his fair as snow skin and matchless handsome appearance.

The sleeves of his robes gently fluttered in the air, and the sound of his zither was exceptional, flowing like clear spring water and incredibly calming to people's mood.

"Master," an alluringly beautiful woman clothed in red walked to the front of the white-haired man and said with a sword in her hands, "I made inquiries and found out that the new girl at the Big Dipper Gang is named Yun Luofeng!"


The man's fingertips slid over the chords of the zither, producing a melodious ringing. Then, his movements came to a stop...

[1] Big Dipper in Chinese is "Beidou" (北斗), and this bei is the same bei in Murong Bei's name. And Murong is his family name.


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