Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 550: Taking over Your Position (1)

"Good child," Tang Ran lightly sighed and lifted his hand to clap Tang Tianyu on the shoulders, "you have suffered these past few days. You can live well in the Tang Family from now on; I won't treat you unfairly."

This child's potential was quite decent. If he was carefully nurtured, he would definitely be prosperous in Huangquan City in the future. It was unfortunate that he was previously angry with his daughter and, in turn, did not like this grandson as well, so he never trained him!

"Grandfather, I won't disappoint you." Tang Tianyu looked up with determined features.

There would eventually be a day where he killed Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya with his own hands! And also take over the Heavenly Martial Pavilion from Grandfather's hands!


When the servant escorted Tang Tianyu away, the elderly man's face darkened bit by bit, and he coldly said, "Tang Ying, go and investigate the truth behind the annihilation of the Tian Family!"

Suddenly, a black figure gently drifted down in front of Tang Ran and asked with a deep voice, "Does Master not believe in Young Master Tian Yu's words?"

Tang Ran snorted. "How can I not understand the conduct of the members of the Tian Family? Immediately go investigate the truth!"

Unfortunately, the villain can always outsmart the law. Before telling the lie, Tang Tianyu already spread this rumor throughout the Continent! And something like rumors can never disappear no matter how you stifle them.

As a result, the truth that Tang Ying discovered at the end was identical to the words of Tang Tianyu...

Nothing could be done about the lack of other people on the mountain that day. People only knew that it was Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya who killed the members of the Tian Family because only these few people entered the uppermost level of Tian Mountain that day...

People merely needed to remember their appearance and then draw it on paper before transmitting it. There would eventually be someone who recognized them! Yun Luofeng especially, too many people had seen her! And Tian Ya also treated quite a few patients in the past, so anyone who was treated by him would remember his face.

"Master," Tang Ying briefly paused before continuing, "how should we deal with Yun Luofeng and Tian Ya?"

Hearing his question, an icy killing intent flashed through Tang Ran's eyes. "Regardless of whether Tian Yu spoke the truth or not, both of them deserve to die! Immediately relay the order to search for them! Kill them on sight!"

"Yes!" Tang Ying cupped his fists in salute. After his response, his figure disappeared without a trace like a breeze.

Tang Ran probably never would have imagined that the enemy who exterminated Tian Family was already inside Huangquan City! If he went out to look for Yun Luofeng, he would not find her no matter how hard he looked!

Currently, outside of the estate of Big Dipper Gang, the lookout caught sight of a bearded man bringing two young girls over and could not help but whistle, "Pang Fei, Pang Qingran, you two brothers are quite lucky to have acquired such superior quality beauties this time."

Hearing the teasing of his fellow gang member, the corner of Pang Fei's mouth twitched, and embarrassment leaked onto his face.

"Right, Pang Fei, what's up with your face? Who beat you up?"

"This..." Pang Fei chuckled in embarrassment, "I accidentally tripped. There's nothing to do with you here, I'm going to find Boss."

There was some suspicion in the eyes of the lookout member. How could tripping cause an appearance like this? He must have been beaten up and found it too embarrassing to say...

While he was hesitating, Pang Fei and his brother already brought the two girls inside the gang.

"Our boss should be cultivating in seclusion. I will bring you to see him now," said Pang Qingran in a deep voice as his eyes swept across Yun Luofeng.


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